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I’m One of Those.

I finally switched out the clothes in my bedroom closet today, trading tank tops and Capri pants for sweatshirts and jeans. I am SO HAPPY.

Don’t get me wrong; I really like summer, especially now that we have access to a pool just up the street. As much as I enjoy driving with the sunroof open though, I get a little giddy when autumn kicks in.

Just a few things I love about fall:

  1. Changing trees and fallling leaves
  2. Running our fireplace
  3. Hot cocoa with whipped cream
  4. The aforementioned sweatshirts and jeans
  5. Curling up on the couch with a blanket
  6. The seat warmers in my car
  7. Chicken matzah ball soup
  8. I do more baking than any other time of year
  9. Anticipation of the new movies coming out at Thanksgiving and Christmas

I know many of you (including my husband) are totally bummed about summer being over, but let me just have a few months of the items on that list and then I will rejoice with you about the return of warmer temperatures. Promise.