More Fun at the Post Office

I saw M, my “best friend at the Post Office”, yesterday. If you read my other blog, you’ll remember her outstanding customer service; if not, you can read the story here and here, and then here.

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that my first experience with M was not a freak accident; she is two-for-two. (Can I get a “w00t” for great customer service, people??)

I brought my holiday cards–about 70 of them–to the post office, and once again when my number came up it happenned to be for M’s counter. She recognized me immediately and greeted me like the old friend I apparently am.

I had 4 cards to mail internationally so, after admiring my absolutely lovely cards in their envelopes (Jules: aren’t you dying to see them??), she double-checked the postage I put on them and then hand-cancelled them so they wouldn’t have to go through the machine. She also taped down the ends of the envelope flaps so they wouldn’t get hung up on anything, muttering about how sometimes things going through the mail get all messed up from one little corner hanging out.

I asked her if I could give her the other 66 cards to put in the back rather than drop them in the box out in the lobby and she said, “Oh, you have more? Let me cancel those for you, too.”

As she was rubber stamping them, she looked me dead in the eye and said in a very serious tone, “Do me a favor and move to the left.”

I moved to the left and she said, “No, MY left.” So I did, and she explained, “We’re busy, and that mob out there will start to get really angry if they see me stamping all of these for you.”

I laughed and said, jokingly, “I wish you had another stamp so I could help you.” She said, “Oh no, I wouldn’t even be able to let you touch it, you know, because of all the regulations.”

And I know she wasn’t kidding. She’s an expert on the regulations.

She stood there and hand-cancelled all of my holiday cards, talking to me the entire time, and when I thanked her profusely and began to walk away, she called out, “And a Happy Holiday to you, Kiddo!”

She is awesome. I love great customer service.


  • Kat

    OMG where is that lady? I need her. But seriously, she deserves a holiday card of her own. I am happy for you to exerience something that in today’s customer service standars is outstanding. So “w00t”. Hehe

  • Melisa

    I love finding great customer service, and it was great that it happenned after we were all commenting at your blog about rudeness. (it was extra sweet!)

  • Taj

    Laughing at “w00t”. My husband almost blew a nerve complaining about it being included!

    It’s good to know that great customer service is alive and well!

    I wish it would find it’s way to my part of the world.