“I Am Legend” Should Be Called “I Am Intense and Scary (but pretty good!)”

Jewish people have to find things to do on Christmas, so our family Christmas tradition is to take in a movie, because frankly, the theater is one of the VERY few businesses that is open on December 25. (Don’t even get me started on our inability in the last four or five years to find a Chinese restaurant open in the Western Suburbs of Chicago…)

We went to see “I Am Legend” for several reasons. First, it is an action movie and the husband and boys wanted to see it. Second, it was being filmed in New York when Julie and I went on our birthday trip there last October (2006). In fact, most of the key scenes were filmed in Washington Square, which is where we stayed:


We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel, about a block away from the park:


Of course, the star of the movie is important. “I Am Legend” stars one of the most entertaining people of all time, Will Smith. In the past, I have enjoyed him here:

And I have enjoyed him doing this:

And this, what the heck:

I even use this one in my group cycling class:

Don’t forget this one:

Or, for the kiddies, this one:

oscar wp1024

So I was looking forward to the movie for all those reasons. Julie and I even got to watch a scene being filmed on 5th Avenue:


We weren’t in the best viewing spot…


Those were taken from behind him, but here’s a better one (click on the photo to see it larger and zoom in, if you want!):


Anyhoo, I’m not going to give away ANYTHING about the movie. All I will say is the following:

1. The scene that Julie and I watched on 5th Avenue didn’t make it into the movie.
2. Will is, as always, a phenomenal actor in this film.
3. The special effects, as you would expect, were out of this world.
4. This movie scared the bejeezus out of our entire family! (Okay, except the fifteen-year-old, who probably wouldn’t admit if it did anyway)
5. It was an intense 1 hour, 40 minutes.
6. Though it was rated PG-13, I believe it should have been rated R for intensity, if they still do that.
7. Normally I eat enough buttered popcorn to clog up MY arteries as well as everyone else in the theater’s arteries. This time I couldn’t do it. Too intense to eat! (okay, that’s a lie. I did eat the popcorn, but only enough to clog up my own arteries today…)

Whew! I’m still exhausted from it! Hope you’re enjoying your day!


  • Jules

    What about my personal favorite (and motto for life…hee hee):

    “Big Willy Style, all in it”, a la “Gettin’ Jiggy With it”?!?!

    See you in a little bit, and I’m bringing my comment cards along so tonight better be good!

    Gettin’ Jiggy………

  • Melisa

    Sah-ree…if I had put all of Big Willy’s hits up there, it would have taken me til next week! I had to be selective. But you go on and get jiggy with it!

    We’re working on making tonight a special evening for you: we don’t want you to leave a bad comment card!

    (and by the way, your own estimated time of arrival was 3:00, so you’re late for your own ETA. I may have to put that on MY comment card! LOL)

  • Melissa

    Oy, I can just imagine the two of you with dueling comment cards…will you guys adopt me? I want to get in on the fun…

  • Andie

    we went to see it the night it came out… and I was disappointed. I think I was expecting more out of it or something.

    But it was intense. I cried at a particular part of the movie. I’m sure you know what scene.

    Glad you guys had a nice time!

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Sure, we’ll adopt you. Only one thing: you’ll have to change your name because that would be very confusing. Actually, on second thought it wouldn’t because Julie calls me Missy.

    Dueling comment cards: ah yes. Julie didn’t leave her comment card here when she left a minute ago, so hopefully she had a good time and isn’t one of those people who has a bad experience but doesn’t want to mention it. 🙂

    I will say that my Comment Card for her would be an A-, only because she didn’t get here until about somewhere close to 5 p.m. when she estimated 3 p.m. Other than that, she was pure joy. 🙂

  • Melisa

    Andie: YES, I know exactly what part you cried at and I did as well. (You know about my other blog, right?) I can’t stop thinking about that scene….ugh. SO SAD!!!

  • Taj

    You two are too much!

    My husband can’t stand Will Smith so I’ll have to catch this one alone or wait for it on DVD.

    I used to be down with Big Willy Style but now my Jiggy is kinda Jaggy…

  • suchsimplepleasures

    i would have been jealous, if it was star wars monopoly…but, spongebob!!! yuck!!! he drives me crazy!!!!
    so, have fun. i’ll be trying to get the darn bowling ball unstuck from my fingers, while sliding down the alley, thus…breaking my ankles because i refuse to wear the rental bowling shoes!! they don’t go with my outfit!!!!