Totally Qualified to be a Former First Lady of the Philippines….Maybe.

I appreciate everyone’s comments on yesterday’s post! Last night when Jim got home from work, he told me that we were going out for shoes immediately. (He’s so sweet!)

We went to Sports Authority for two pairs of athletic shoes first: one for workouts (when I can do that again) and one for wearing around the house (arghhhh!!! I still can’t believe I can’t be barefoot!!!). We probably looked pretty funny, taking shoes off the shelves and trying to bend them in half at the arch by crushing them into the floor, to make sure the arch was stiff. We found a couple that I liked and, after shoving them on over this cloth brace I am wearing, I walked around in them for a few minutes and gave them the “thumbs up”. I started to take off the second pair to put them in the box and Jim said, “Uh-uh. Just wear them home.”

Then he ceremoniously tossed my old, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG shoes in the trashcan that was next to the bench, and said, “See? Your old shoes have already said goodbye. See ya, sayonara!” We paid for the shoes, and took off for the bike shop so I could get new cycling shoes for class. I have to admit, I have needed new spinning shoes FOREVER, so I was pretty excited about this purchase.

The first pair I tried on fit perfectly, and we were out of there in a matter of minutes.

I’m scared to go into my closet and inspect the arches of the few pairs of dress shoes I have, as well as my black boots. I’m putting that off for another day as I wear these sneakers, but another shoe shopping trip may be in my future. Just call me Imelda Marcos!



  • Melissa

    I so feel you here! I had to wear old lady velcro shoes all summer last year. Then I finally found a pair of cool shoes this year. I can’t tell you how many complements I get on my new shoes…and they’re gym shoes, too!!

    Good luck shoe shopping, Imelda!

  • suchsimplepleasures

    imelda…you’ve got a serious shoe problem!! don’t tell anyone but…so do i…shhhh!!

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Ack! Old lady shoes! I am so happy to have found some shoes I can deal with! (and you did, too!)

    We should have an “old-lady-feet” convention.

    SSP/Melissa: Ha! Three pairs of shoes IS a problem…I’m going to have to get more! LOL

  • Jules

    You’re always the last on the list in your house for shoes so I’m glad that you & Mo went out and got you hooked up immediately! You deserve the new shoes (though it’s too bad you have the injury to go along with them).
    House of Jules