This Is The Part Where The Control Freak Gets A Little Angry

Yes, yes, I’m getting there with this new layout. However, ugh. Can I just say that?

Over the past many years I have been a pretty good promoter of the “Less is More” philosophy. I like to minimize when possible (and when there’s time!). It just makes life easier. I am looking at this new layout and thinking, well, “UGH” (like I said!). I need to have 3 columns to put Blogher up and still keep my cute little blog description at the top, but…

It’s a little on the “busy” side for me. I know that when I post photos in the future, I will move the setting down from “Large” to a “Small” or “Medium” and that will help tremendously, but I can’t do too much about the sidebars. I don’t want to take down my little awards because I appreciate them. I like my little widgets. I like having my Amazon links up and I like posting where people can find my writing.

So, I guess at this point, “More is More”.

I’ll keep thinking!


  • Mom24

    Good luck creating. It’s a frustrating process, isn’t it? There are so many things that I would like to change on mine, but I haven’t a clue how to make it happen. I like the information on your sidebars, so I vote they’re worth having. I love your new picture. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! LOL!

  • Don Mills Diva

    I think it looks just fine – not too busy at all. I hear ya on trying to keep things less cluttered. Mine’s getting a little insane and I’m not sure how to tone it down…

  • Melissa

    I think it looks great! It’s just going to take you time to get used to it. It took me about a week until it looked normal to me.