Hard To Say I’m Sorry

An Open Letter to the Lazy River at Key Lime Cove Water Resort:

Dearest Lazy River,

It’s been about six hours since I saw you last, and I can’t stop thinking about you. You treated my family so well, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

I have to apologize, though. I know that your name is “Lazy River” for a reason, and–although we were, by far, not the only family to do so–I feel sorry that we, at times, turned you into more of a “Roaring Rapids” kind of water body.

You see, my family does not know much about relaxation. (Have you read my blog description up there to the left, Lazy River?) For us, slowing down too much causes sleep. In fact, when I sit down later this evening to (yay!) watch “Dancing with the Stars”, I will need to be engaged in a secondary activity. That’s how it goes here at the Wells house. “To be still is to be asleep.”

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, we know not much about relaxing. When the thirteen-year-old grabbed ahold of my inner tube and pulled me as quick as he could through your sparkling clean, warm water, shouting at the top of his lungs and laughing in a more evil manner than I’ve heard in a while, I couldn’t help but cackle on my own. When we knocked into that innocent couple with the toddler, who were just trying to absorb a few minutes of peace and quiet as their daughter gleefully patted your watery surface, I felt bad for a second, but honestly thought it was funny. But now I feel badly again. But not really. I wish I could have enjoyed being “lazy” for the first day-and-a-half of our trip, but I guess my idea of “lazy” isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

At the exact moment when the fifteen-year-old was trying to violently capsize his brother and one of the attentive lifeguards whistled, busting them both, you may have thought to yourself, “These boys are too rowdy; what trouble-makers”, but actually these boys were, as usual, quite well-behaved and just letting off a little steam. They did, in fact, have the foresight to make sure nobody was around during their little horseplay session.

What I don’t apologize for, Lazy River, is for causing a sort of river dam as the four of us held onto each other’s innertubes, talking and laughing, and causing our own little Convoy. These moments are what memories are made of.

Take care, stay warm, and we’ll see you again someday.



  • Melissa

    Hmmm, where is this place. I’m going to have to go back and read your last post to see if you mention it!

    Maybe a short get away for us!! Glad you had a good time!

  • Mom24

    I’m glad you had a good time. I’m even more glad you’re back. Sounds like you made some great memories!

  • Mags

    Oh, it sounds wonderful! I’m so glad you had time to get away and that you all linked arms.

    I love that.

    Welcome back!!!

  • KathyLikesPink

    I love the thought of your innr-tube lazy river DAM! I can picture it in my head and it looks like FUN.

    I had never heard of your vacation destination until your little quiz – it sounds like the perfect “yes it’s still winter” get away.

    Glad to have you back and blogging, though!

  • SpAzzGiRL

    I’m assuming it was pleasant and still all new and relatively clean, can’t wait to hear more.

  • Michelle

    Soooo… would you go there with a 2 and 4 year old? Who don’t like getting their hair wet (although the swim lessons are helping with Mister Man)? *I* want to go for me!

  • Jules

    You sound like you take the best vacations. I was just going to ask where are the pics, but I see they’ll be up tomorrow.

  • Melisa

    Thanks for missing me, everybody!

    Michelle: read today’s post…hopefully it’ll answer your question! 🙂

    Jules: LOL! You had me so confused for a minute. I have my comments e-mailed to me, and of course your icon didn’t show up in the e-mail so at first I thought you were my sister making that comment. I was like, “HUH, Julie??????” Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

    We do take pretty fun vacations: I do LOTS of prep work before hand, which can, if I’m not careful, put a damper on the trip (there’s such a thing as being overprepared…)

  • My boys are Army Brats

    I want to go to a lazy river! Our roads are like raging rapids here with all the flooding! Maybe you should come to Missouri with your tubes and the kids can have some real fun!

  • Don Mills Diva

    OMG – that looks like an awesome place – I wanna go down one of those body slides!

  • Melisa

    Army brats: OOH, I hope your water seeps into the ground soon. Yikes! Flooding=NO FUN.

    Deanna: Ha! You’re right!

    DMD: Short commute from Canada, right? (You’ve got to have one of these water resorts up there, I’m sure!)