My Music Is Harder Better Faster Stronger

I work really, really hard on the music that I use in my group cycling classes. There are some music companies out there that put out CDs which are premixed and ready-to-use, but I have never liked those for cycling. In order for me to really, really enjoy teaching these classes and working out on the bike, I have to use music that is 100% motivating to me. (oh yeah, and hopefully to my class)

Because of that, I spend hours on every playlist, and sometimes quite a bit of money on new stuff. There used to be a DJ store right near my house where I used to shop for the electronica and pulsing dance music that I love to use, but it closed a couple of years ago (probably a good thing because each CD I bought there cost about $25-30, and I would only use two or three songs!). Now it’s iTunes all the way, and I also trade music back and forth with my friend and instructor mentor Diane.

I’m going to keep a list in the margin over there (on the left, about halfway down) of the songs that I am currently most motivated by in my classes, in case you need some good workout music!

Also, just for giggles, check out this Youtube video featuring one of my favorite climbing songs. My friend Deanna sent it to me because everytime I play this song, she thinks of this video. I think you’ll agree it’s quite hypnotizing. Hang on til the end; it’s worth it!


  • Joeprah

    That left hand gave me the finger! Did you see that? GRRR! j/k. Funny video, and I could see how that would be great workout tunage.

  • Kat

    Heck, that girl must have mad coordinating skills. I like the song and the video is great.

    I may have said this before but I think it is great that you put this much effort in picking the music to go with your class. No wonder people are addicted 🙂

  • KathyLikesPink

    My gosh who thinks something like that up? And then is coordinated enough to pull it off? Not me, on either count!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Melissa

    The kitty did not like that music but I thought the video was amazing…I’ll bet his hands were mighty tired when he was done filming that!

  • Melisa

    Joep: I know, I thought the same thing! I was like, “HEYYYYY!”

    Kat: Mesmerizing, isn’t it? I can’t imagine how long it took her/him to learn it.

    Kathy: I’m not sure if I could do it either!

    Melissa: Aww, the kitty didn’t like it? How did you know?

  • soapbox mom

    I’m astonished to discover what people will spend time on — I mean the hands singing the song thing. Wow.

    I think it’s great that you spend your time getting just the right music. I think the music is key to a good class. What a great instructor you must be!

  • Dea

    She does rock, this instructor! Her music is awesome, which, in my opinion, is one of the keys! I’ve taken classes with really, really lame music, and no matter how nice the instructor was, I just wanted to get up and leave!

    I love this song….and I always wanna dance my hands!