Giving You a Peek Inside Corporate Operations

Okay, here’s meme #2 for today! I was tagged by my internet sister Melissa to show you all what’s in my purse.

First, my purse. It’s a Brighton knockoff and I love it, mostly because it’s my favorite color.


Now for what’s inside:

Let’s see, what do I have here? I’ll go in a clockwise fashion, sort of. On the far left you can see my business card holder with my Remembering Ruby business cards. Above that you can see my matching red Brighton knockoff wallet. Then there’s my paycheck for my most recent Nailpro magazine article, along with a $15 coupon for service on my Pontiac G6, a Fiber One bar (oats and chocolate! In case I get hungry!), receipts from our trip (gotta take care of those: I’m really bad at staying on top of that!), Excedrin, my keys, 2 archival pens in case I need to sign a book at a moment’s notice (I like to feel important: LOL!), two “regular” pens (they’re the only ones I like to use!), 2 pieces of Orbit gum (love it!), a flash drive for work, my lipstick (which I hardly use), and last but not least, my FAVORITE item: my Chicago Diary (monogrammed for me by my hubby). It’s my purse calendar and where “it all happens”. If it’s not written in this calendar, it doesn’t happen.

So, that’s the inner workings of ME!

I hereby tag Stacey and Katie because I DEFINITELY want to see what’s going on in their purses!


  • Kat

    Thanks for letting us in on what you’re carrying around.

    I love your red bag and the wallet and the calendar. I mean red is currently my favorite color and I just think that bag is awesome

  • Dea

    LOVE the red purse! I’m in a purse funk myself, and I’ve decided that I will be making myself a purse because I can’t find one I like!!

    Your purse is FAR more organized and clean than mine! LOL!