Not Just Another Hallmark Holiday

In fact, I don’t believe it’s even a Hallmark holiday at all! Last year we started a new tradition in our family that is really fun: Aunt’s Day.

A funny coincidence happened on the way to this decision. Jim and I were in Tennessee over Mother’s Day weekend (returning the afternoon of Mother’s Day) for a bike ride he wanted to do in the mountains (I passed on that opportunity) on Saturday, and the kids were being supervised by Aunt Julie. Over that weekend, I was having a conversation with my mom about how much Julie means to us and how she’s always there for us, I wanted to give her a holiday of her own. Our parents were coming up from Tennessee for a visit in July, so I told my mom that we would celebrate Aunt’s Day while they were in town.

When we returned from our trip and got ready to go to dinner for Mother’s Day, this happened. (Don’t be alarmed that I’m routing you to her blog!)

So it was unanimous! Aunt’s Day 2007 was really fun, and we’re looking forward to doing it again this year on either the first or second Sunday in July, whichever she chooses. (I asked her about it yesterday, which is why it occurred to me to post about it…just in case any of you have kids who have a treasured “aunt” or “uncle” that you want to plan ahead for!)

(May=Mother’s Day)
(June=Father’s Day)
(July=Aunt’s Day)

Since I posted about her lateness over the weekend, which is one of her few (honestly) flaws, I want you all to read the post I did for her birthday in October. I posted about it on my other blog because this blog was only a twinkle in my eye at the time, and I’m pretty sure that Kat, Katie, and my sister were the only ones reading that blog at the time.

Click HERE to read what I love about my sister!

***OMG: Note that one of the photos in her birthday post was apparently the same day as THIS one…I wonder which place we visited first?


  • Kat

    Aunt’s Day, what a great idea!

    I have been reading yours and Julies blog for a while now and one thing that comes across is that you have the most wonderful relationship. As an only child this makes me totally jealous 😉 and I think it is great. You both have such wonderful people in your lives, it makes my heart melt.

    When Aunt’s Day approaches, please remind me so that I can extend my well wishes to your lovely sis.

  • Andie

    Ok- I’m all for Aunt’s Day- because you are just like MY BIG SISTER- seriously.

    so much of your story about your sister is similar to my sister & myself- like the Fisher Price thing- I didn’t have the clock- but I had that tv that played “london bridge”- and well, I smacked my older sister in the face with it when I was 5 and she was 14 because she called me a name while my mom had us in the grocery “cart parking” area while she went to get her car.

    Oh, and I’d like to think that I’m a great aunt to her daughter- who is my god child- I love to spend quality time with my niece.

    When we were kids, we were ALWAYS fighting (we’re 9 years apart) but now, she’s really truly my best friend- we’ve gone through some really serious stuff together- and I’ve learned that blood and family will always be the best friend of all.

    God, your blogs are making me so weepy today!!!

  • Colleen

    What a great idea! I have many aunts that were very influential to me growing up, and it just so happens that most of them have July birthdays. Maybe I should add a day in there to specifically celebrate that they’re my aunts!

    (And MAN have you been on a posting kick lately!)

  • Melisa

    Kat: Don’t worry; you’ll know when we get ready for it. 🙂

    Andie: You’re so cute! Get a tissue and relax! I’ll try to post something not so weepy!

    Colleen: I recommend it. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!