What’s Next, Joep: “J” Magazine?

I wanted to toss a big “Woot Woot!” out to my blog buddy Joeprah, who made a big announcement this week. What is it, you ask? I’m gonna tell you!

Joe is now not only the Master of his own Domain Name, but he is also a featured writer on Examiner.com. I am so, so, so excited for him, because I just adore him and his blog.

If you don’t know Joeprah, get to know him! He is a Stay-at-Home Dad, but NOT like this one:

He is a 21st Century Dad, and blogs about his experiences like braiding his daughter’s hair or shopping at Target to customize his camcorder. He gives tips on Photoshop as well as other web tools that many of us have no idea even exist. He uses photos and videos liberally to entertain his readers, and he even has a Podcast!

What I like most about Joe is that, through all of his hard work as a blogger, he is not only such a friendly guy, but the love he has for his wife and three daughters shines through everything he does. Who wouldn’t want to read his blog*?

You can visit his website (which is a multi-media experience) here. You can visit his new column at Examiner.com, the Fatherhood Examiner, here. His perspective on life as a SAHD is something that all moms (and dads) should read. So what are you waiting for? Go do it!

Congrats, Joep!

*For the record, Joeprah did not compensate me in any way for this post, in case you were wondering.


  • Michelle

    Awwww, Melisa! Thank you! You added me to your blogroll… feel the love! (Actually, for a bit I thought the blogroll no longer existed, as it’s inexplicably way way way way way down after a bunch of blank space. Blog moron that I am, I have no idea why that is) 🙂

    I’m almost afraid to go visit the SAHD site, as I know it’ll be addicting. But I know I’ll do it anyway!

    And lastly, cute cute beagle. I am not a dog person (mostly because I don’t ever want to have to clean up after them; litterboxes somehow are ok for me), and I have to say that your beagle is tons cuter — and obviously smarter — than the one that I walked today as a favor to my mom (also owned by a Melissa).

    Happy Saturday!

  • Melisa

    Hey Michelle! No problem! And I moved some things around and moved the blogroll UP so hopefully you’ll find it easier next time… heehee

    Yes, I’m afraid you will be addicted to Joeprah. But at least you know that, going in…

  • Joeprah


    Thanks so much for this amazing review and rockin’ post! I am so thankful to have great bloggy friends like you out there! You are amazing! Also, is it cool that I get misty reading and commenting posts like this one?

  • Melisa

    Joeprah: You’re quite welcome! And, it’s your blog review so you can cry if you want to!
    BTW, thanks for telling me I’m amazing, because it made me feel really good about myself for a minute, right before I read your comment on my other post about how you “vaguely remember the Eddie Murphy days” of SNL. LOL
    Two steps forward, one back. Feel free to come back and tell me again how amazing I am. 🙂

  • Suburbia

    I’m going off to see him now but just had to pop in and see you (I think I found you at Just Because) because I live in a different suburb and I wanted to take a look at yours!