We Almost Went Home With Only One Son…ALMOST.

The four of us went out to dinner last night, and I had a great opportunity to become a successful writer, according to my post of a couple days ago.

You see, the restaurant has about 25 television sets, mostly set to sports channels. NASCAR coverage was on a few of them, and while watching it for a few minutes, the fifteen-year-old asked, “How come it’s all old guys driving NASCAR?”

I said, “What did you say?” (I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly, and in that second it didn’t make sense to me anyway because I was pretty sure that NASCAR drivers cover a pretty wide age range)

So, he clarified his question–and rode the line of his mother’s nerves–by asking it in a different way:

“I mean, these drivers are all like, late 30’s, early 40’s. Why is that?”

I couldn’t answer, except to give him THE LOOK. I was too busy trying to restrain myself from diving over the chips and salsa to strangle him.

Doesn’t he know that 40 is the new 20???


  • Qweenie

    Sweet! I’m not quite ‘old’ yet…. though I am more than twice his age……. *grumble*



  • Colleen

    Hey, you’re all so quick to jump at him, but according to your son, that means we’re that much closer to retirement. :O)

  • Michelle

    Sue — hate to break it to you, but Danica Patrick is an open wheel (Indy car) racer, while NASCAR is stock car racing. Wow, somewhere out there is an ex who’s so proud of me for retaining that.

    I can’t believe the things that used to come out of my mouth. Of course, in my mind, my mom isn’t old, but 60 is old. How do those two mesh?

  • Mom24

    Ouch! I almost went down to 3 children when my oldest announced that he didn’t know why so many people were having a baby when they were 40–it was so OLD!!! Then he went on and on about how ancient they would be as their kid grew up. This from the 23 year old who is ancient in attitude already!

    Ahhh, the arrogance of youth.

  • Melisa

    Momo Fali: EXACTLY what was going through MY head.

    Dea: Yes, you are. But I am too. So…oh well. I guess if I want to feel young, I need to go talk to men in their 80’s or something.

    Qweenie: Yes, but at more than twice his age, you’re getting pretty close to “old”! LOL

    Colleen: Good point!

    Sue: I actually used Danica as an example of someone who drives NASCAR who isn’t “old”. And then…

    Michelle: You retained some good info and now I know that Sue and I, though each brilliant in our own ways, were a little ignorant on this one. LOL

    Janice: Yes, you’re right. Today’s conversation:
    Me: “You played really, really well in the (Lacrosse) game today.”
    Him: “I know.”


    Stacey: He’ll get it when his own kids say the same thing, someday!

  • Don Mills Diva

    Obviously he didn’t get the memo.

    Of course in my mind I still look 18 so obviously he wouldn’t conisder me old either.

    Would he?

  • Andie

    actually, you need to tell him that some of those nascar dudes are in their early 20’s! LOL

    I love how you gave him THE LOOK, though. classic!