Excuses, Random Ranting…And Door-To-Door Annoyances

This has been, as you can probably tell by my lack of posting, a super-busy week.

I have been unable to read my fave blogs on a regular basis for days, and I have ideas for my own posts piling up in my head like….like…ugh. I don’t know what it’s like. I just know that I’m on overload. Or, as my co-worker likes to say, I’m “out over my skis.”

Monday was the salon’s Fifth Annual Cinco de Mayo party (from 10-9:30). I worked from 9 a.m. until almost 11 p.m. and asked myself many, many times whose dumba$$ idea this celebration originally was. And then I remembered that it was my idea. Tuesday, I tried to catch up a little bit around the house and ran around all afternoon. The boy had a Lacrosse game in the evening (I recorded most of it and hope to post a sample eventually) and then we had to go to the salon so he could clean it. (By “clean it” I mean the floors and such things that can be done once per week. Everything else is cleaned as much as it needs to in order to comply with and exceed state standards, of course! I don’t want to put it out there that I work in a salon that is unclean: quite the contrary!) He does the floors and such on Sundays, except for this week, because of the Cinco preparations. By the time we got home it was after 9 and we were fried.

This morning I had internet problems. I almost threw the computer against the wall but wisely decided against that. I am finally able, obviously, to get back online and just after I logged on, the doorbell rang.

The dog was going crazy so I stepped out onto the porch to speak with the woman who rang the bell. She introduced herself by name (I didn’t recognize it) and asked me if we had a lot of “natural damage” on our roof. I was so stunned by the fact that someone was going door-to-door asking people about this that I didn’t even get my brain around NOT answering her and telling her that we are renting the house, which is usually how I get out of any home-related sales pitch. Once salespeople find out that I am not the Decision Maker (or at least think it!), they say “Thanks” and back away slowly.

So, like a dummy, I answered her question. “No. We don’t have damage on our roof.”

She said, “Yes, I see that you do. Have you talked to a roofer?”

I said, “Are you kidding me? NO, I haven’t talked to a roofer! We don’t have any roof problems.”

Then she went into her sales pitch! OMG! A contractor is going door-to-door, and I just can’t believe that they actually get business that way! Am I completely insane? We always get our home repairs taken care of in a certain order:

1. We DISCOVER THAT WE HAVE A PROBLEM. On our own. Without help.

2. We talk about whether we can fix it ourselves. (Unlike many other couples we know, Jim and I are actually the Dynamic Duo when it comes to home projects. But if you’ve been reading the Scrawl for a while, you’re not surprised…are you?)

3. If we cannot fix it ourselves, we research it on the internet before going any further if it’s a problem we don’t know alot about.

4. If we have to call somebody in, we ask friends for references.

5. If it’s a major repair, we get more than one estimate.

6. After all of that, we proceed.

We are, unfortunately, self-proclaimed experts on home disasters. We have had to replace our sewer line from the house to the street. We’ve had to replace a water heater. We have had to deal (at 4 a.m.) with a flooded laundry room from a hole in the water line to the washing machine. We were very UNblessed to have to have our foundation repaired a couple of years ago. For that, we got three estimates/opinions. One company told us that the right side of our house was sinking. One company told us that the left side was sinking. One told us that it was all sinking. What to do then? Call in an engineer. So we did. He confirmed what WE thought (that the left side was sinking), and $28,000 later, our house was no longer “wonky”. By the way, insurance does not cover foundation repairs, in case you wondered. The foreman on the job told us on their last day, “Look at it this way: you have just completed the most major home repair you could ever have to deal with.” (Small consolation)

But now I’ve lost track of where I was. You see? I AM on overload!
My point is, if you are a home repair person who goes door-to-door to get business, stay away from my house. First of all, if I need you, I’LL call YOU. Secondly, I don’t need you spreading your bad juju all over me, my family, and my house. We’ve experienced enough of that.

After the woman started her sales pitch, I interrupted her and said, “You know what? I’m not interested.” I turned around to go in the house and then–PERSISTENT LITTLE BUGGER–she said, “Well, here, take my card anyway. Just in case.”

I have to go take some asprin.


  • Mags

    It’s funny you mention door to door-just the other day I was thinking about how we used to sell Girl Scout cookies that way, and I wondered if kids still do that…I’d think no.

    I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with your post really…but in my brain it did. 🙂

  • Sue

    It must be busy week karma. I am having the same problems. I having blog withdrawal! Maybe next week things will slow down. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  • Michelle

    Hee hee… you’re more patient than I am! I hope you at least didn’t take the card to be polite!

    (And yes, Girl Scout cookies are still sold door to door in my neighborhood — as is the football booster coupons wrapping paper, etc etc.)

  • Kat

    What a weird way to sell that kind of work door to door. It is driving me nuts really. I mean if something is in need of repair, wouldn’t you think people are smart enought to call someone in to fix it??? Just wondering 🙂

    Hope things will slow down for you now.

  • Mom24

    Well…that really is amazing! You mean that wouldn’t be the most reliable person to use? You should have taken her card. I wonder if the phone still would have worked in 6 months. Can you imagine?

    We’ve seen a big surge in door to door selling around here. I think the economy is just so bad that people with “get up and go” are our there trying to be successful. We’ve seen lawn services, tree guys, driveway sealing, that kind of thing. Still…roofing? I don’t think so. This reminds me of the exposes you see on the news of the “I gave them the deposit and never saw them again” variety.

  • SpAzzGiRL

    you are so much nicer than I woulda been, there would have definitely been door slamming. I am crossing my fingers the fates haven’t been tempted now and roof doom is lurking.

  • Melisa

    Mags: Yes, we still do door-to-door selling for Scouts…but Jim or I go with the kids to keep an eye out. There is so much fundraising that these kids have to do for whatever they’re involved with (even just School!) that you can only go to your family and friends so many times.

    Sue: I hope so! I’m sending some non-busy vibes your way. Bounce them back to me when you get them, would you? Thanks.

    Michelle: UGH! I did take the card…just to get rid of her! (But it ended up in the trash.)

    Kat: We think alike! (Ha: no surprise)

    Stacey: Yeah, I agree. Somebody in class last night, when I was ranting about this woman, pointed out that she is just doing her job, and I get it…but it’s still annoying.

    Simone: I am too nice sometimes! 🙂
    Don’t worry, your roof will be fine. LOL

  • soapbox mom

    I don’t like the door to door sales, either. Or even the “put a card in the mailbox” solicitation. Let me find you, thanks.

    I bet your roof is fine. Or I hope your roof is fine.

    And I hope your crazy period gets a little more sane soon. Summer is almost here…

  • Andie

    the ones that drive me crazy are the ones selling cleaning products and want to come in your house and show you how to clean the carpet. when they come to the door- i open it, say- sorry! all hardwoods!

    and close the door! GAH!