Searching For Treasure: Check Out My Booty!

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I’ve been at this blogging thing for just about a year now and I am, like many other bloggers, obsessed with my sitemeter and Google Analytics stats. I am interested in how many page views I have, how long people stay here, and how they found me. If you have your own blog equipped with one or more of these applications that keep track of readers, you no doubt have chuckled at some of the searches through which a reader finds one of your blog posts. I’ve had some interesting ones lately, so I thought I’d share them. Not an original idea (I’ve seen many other bloggers talk about the search terms on their sitemeter), but it’s fun AND I will expand on this after my show-and-tell.

Someone came to read this post about my badonkadonk from the search “fit girls with bubble butts”.

Someone either looking for disaster or filled with fear used the search “bar mitzvah chair dropped” to find this post about a happy day for my family.

This gem of a search, “how to scare the shit out of your neighbors with holloween decorations”, led somebody to read about my sorry halloween skillz, which was one of my first posts!

I’m not sure what the person/possible perv who typed in the terms “suburbians love chains” was looking for, but it led to this popular post, a sneak peek into my true personality.

Now that I’ve shared how some people found me, I thought that I would play a little Searching Game, to see who I can find while typing in weird search phrases. Since I’m just doing this for fun, I went directly to Google Blog Search, to cut out some of the junk I’d have to weed through in order to find entertaining-enough pages for you to look at. I created searches that tell alot about me a friend of mine. Ready to go? Okay.

First search: “My sister is probably wasted in Key West”
Result: Click here

Second search: “Dog is spoiled and it’s my fault”
Result: Click here

Third search: “everyone at my job has issues and i wonder what mine is”
Result: Click here

Fourth search: “my kids constantly talk when I’m watching television”
Result: Click here

Fifth search: “i listen to techno music in the car”
Result: Click here

Sixth search: “i am scared of people dressed in mascot costumes”
Result: Click here, but not if you are creeped out by clowns.

Seventh search: “one of my talents is coming up with clever titles”
Result: Click here

That was fun! I wouldn’t dare tag anybody to get them to do this, but I’m hoping that some of you will; I’ll be watching you!



  • Melissa

    Hmmm, I’ll have to give this one a try and see what I come up with…the first blog was quite interesting…

  • Michelle

    OH, sure. Copycat 😉

    These things crack me up. You’ve got some good ones. I need to go check mine out again…. And I LOVE the Halloween decorations. We aren’t quite down to that level, but we’re close. I’m sure I’ll post pictures of the decorations (or lack thereof) as we get closer to the holiday!

  • Huckdoll

    Hahaha…it really ceases to amaze me learning about what people search for. I seriously love these posts.