This Will Probably Be My Only 2008 Election-Related Post.

I don’t want to get blogged down (ha: get it?) in politics because I respect that everyone has their own political views, so I haven’t been blogging about it. However, I have come across some non-partisan gems that I just have to share today, so here we go.

First, Soapbox Mom brought this great video to my attention this morning. I promptly posted it on my Facebook page and wanted to share it here as well. Please watch.

If you are not registered to vote and/or you don’t plan to vote, please reconsider. I don’t care who you vote for (remember? everyone has their own opinion), but if you are American and older than 18 years old, I think it’s a tragedy to waste this precious opportunity. If you are thinking, “I only have one vote; it’s not like I can change anything,” then think about this: what if thousands of others think the same way? Every vote is important. And now I am giving back the soapbox to Soapbox Mom!

In other news, I have been very active on Twitter lately; I’m not sure if any of you read my tweets on the sidebar over there, but I’ve been having alot of fun with it. (And you could, too: click “Follow me on Twitter” over there!) This morning, I discovered that FakeSarahPalin and FakeJoeBiden are on Twitter, and their tweets today have been, for lack of a better word, a HOOT. Some of my favorites include this pre-debate gem from FakeSarahPalin. Or this one from FakeJoeBiden.

But the two that made me laugh the hardest were when I totally got rickrolled by FakeSarahPalin with this one, and then her explanation in this one.

Fun times. Anyway, both fakers will be tweeting live during the Vice Presidential Debate tonight, but I am afraid I will get too carried away with the humor on Twitter to keep my eye on the humor that is sure to go down on live television, so I’ll have to read the tweet history later or tomorrow.

You can, too! Did I mention that you should follow me on Twitter? While I’m at it, I should mention that you can also click over there on the right sidebar to “follow” this blog. I’d better quit while I’m ahead…I’m starting to sound like a politician!

Watch the debate tonight…register to vote…and, what the heck: Smile!