From Now On, I’ll Need Everyone To Keep Everything Crossed.

12 08 08 1600
As of yesterday afternoon, I officially drove my car out of the warranty period. If you know anything about the recent history of my car (like this, or this), the amount of times it’s had campouts at the dealership, or even the fact that I now refer to the service technician in charge of my case as “my best friend Mark”, you will know what a terrible milestone this is.

Let us pray.



  • Kat

    Yikes sister. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Go car and don’t you dare leaving Melisa stranded ever again!

  • Astrogirl426

    Something that might be worth checking: I have heard that if you have a problem that has been addressed once before (so, a recurring issue) when you were covered by the warrant, it’s considered still covered, even after the warranty period ends. Might be worth checking into (don’t ask the dealership, they have a vested interest in that not geing true; check with the car company iteself – if you can get a written response, say via email, all the better). Good luck either way!

  • Sarah

    Uh-oh! I’ve got my fingers crossed. But hey – were all the car troubles the same thing? Or different? At any rate – check the Lemon Law…..

  • Melisa

    Kat: Thanks for giving my car a good talking-to. She’s shaking in her boots now. 🙂

    Stacey: Nope, we didn’t buy it for this car because the cost of it was about 1/4 of the price of the car!!!! YIKES!

    Weaselmomma: Thanks. Hopefully we won’t need him/her anytime soon.

    Astrogirl: Yes, you’re right. The dealership (my best friend Mark) has already told me that if the same thing happens again (for the 5th/6th time: I’ve lost count) within a reasonable amount of time/miles, they will back us on getting it covered.

    Julesie: Again, the car is shaking. Maybe Kat could drive your car as the two of them doubleteam my car? Carpooling is important in this economy.

    Sarah: Yep, it was all the same thing. We have looked into the Lemon Law and, because the car is 3 years old there is a little more legal red tape, but we might have a case if this car craps out again. But I hope it doesn’t!

    StACEy: Thanks! I’m gonna need it!

  • k a t i e

    Why is it when your dear car starts going again, mine seems to stop? Is it some sort of bizarre weight issue going on that deems the world will be unsafe if BOTH are cars are going at the same time?!?

    Admittedly, this latest ‘breakdown’ may have been entirely my own fault. But I shall keep my fingers crossed that everything works perfectly in your beasty from now on!

    (…maybe if you named her, she would run better?)

  • Melisa

    Katie: Good theory! Maybe our cars are interconnected by some imaginary string that goes from one side of the world to another? Hmm. I’ll have the 16 yo. research that. 🙂

    I’ve called this car many things (believe me!), but nothing has stuck yet.

  • Michelle

    Oh good luck, good luck! That reminds me that I need to go get that extended warranty on MY car before December 20. Any issues yet today? 😉

  • Shawna

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK WOMAN! I hit this a while back. With the economy the way it is, we can only hope. Take care, S

  • Mom24

    I hate to say this, I’m well aware of just how important the big 3 are to our country, but it does occur to me that it’s stories like this about your car is what has gotten the big 3 into so much trouble in this country.

    Good job.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins


    Now mine turned 77,777 yesterday and we thought it was cause to buy a lotto ticket. Nada.