Another Cloud, Only This One’s Not In My Background!

Last week (funny how I thought it was about two weeks ago: that’s what the internet and all of its instant gratification has done to me) my German sis Kat posted the most beautiful word cloud, and I wanted to do the same. ‘Cause we’re sort of twinsie that way. I went right to the website and did it immediately but had to wait until I went to work again (Today) to take a screenshot of it, because I’m on a non-Mac at home. Isn’t it pretty? If you commented on my blog last week, look closely: your name might be in there somewhere. And no, I didn’t play favorites by making Nukedad’s, Melissa’s, Weaselmomma’s, and Michelle’s names bigger than everyone else’s; that was done by Wordle.

screen capture
Get your own word cloud by clicking here.