Sugar Rush

Nothing like a little sugar (okay, a lot) to take my mind off the pounding headache and nausea that came about partly as a result of my two hour, fifteen minute commute home from work in today’s blizzard (two hours longer than my normal commute).

First, I want to show you the gorgeous candy gift I received from the younger son of Movie Maven, who is in my second grade Religious School class. Movie Maven told me she has been making this candy for years. It not only looks beautiful, but it tastes awesome, too!

Next, tonight I finally got around to making those truffles I was tweeting about earlier this week. This recipe is soooooo good, and soooooo easy; if anyone wants it, e-mail me. If I get a bunch of people who want it, I’ll post it.

By the way, the truffles on the left? You’ve heard of chocolate-covered cherries, right? Well, those are cherry-covered chocolates. I rolled those truffles in Door County cherry bits, purchased at–say it with me–Woodman’s! The other truffles are rolled in sugar. YUM.

“Unfortunately”, I have to make more on Saturday. Jim is taking most of these to work tomorrow, for gifts. Too bad, so sad, I’m glad!