Maybe The Gals Over At BlogHer Are Looking For Someone Like Me?

Seriously, if I could get paid to read blogs when I’m not writing, I would love that. I have once again updated my blogroll and am feeling slightly shameful at how many blogs are now listed on it. Obviously there is no way I can read them all everyday (there are a couple that I can’t miss though!) but I have really enjoyed discovering some extra folks to check in on, now and then. Here are just a couple:

My girl Jen, who used to blog at the now closed-for-business Huckdoll’s Hood is now writing at Eternally Huckdoll.

I *heart* Passive-Aggressive Notes, and you will too. Check that one out.

I added Jewish Treats for a daily dose of Jew Stuff, which can’t be a bad thing.

Being Michael’s Daddy is written by Tom, who is–you guessed it–Michael’s Daddy. I like Tom. Met him through my tiara-wearing, Woodmans-shopping, smoking-has-actually-improved-her-voice Weaselmomma.

Scenes From the Crooked Maple is written by Birdie, who I met ages ago at Cre8buzz. She is a lovely lady (and a talented crafter) and I like reading about her adventures raising her kids.

Tangerine Times is written by another mom of teens! I have recently discovered her great blog as well as a few others written by moms of teens. Although I totally love the blogs that are written by many of my friends with young children, it’s always good to read about people who have the teen thing in common, you know?

That should keep you busy for today. I’ve got more new ones; peruse my blogroll when you get a second (or two!). I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

P.S. If the person who works for BlogHer who is checking in on my blog right now could let me know when there’s an opening, that’d be great. LOL



  • Melisa

    Hi Elisa!
    Ha! I will keep jenny’s e-mail in my back pocket. 🙂 And I bet that Momo and Melissa will do the same. LOL Happy Holidays!

  • nonna

    hi melisa,
    just stop by to *scribbling furiously jenny at* umm say hi! no i didn’t need *blogher* anything. thanks for taking *dot com* the time to visit me. 🙂

  • Tom

    Thank you for the link! Sorry, I don’t work for BlogHer or anything, but I’d give my recommendation if I did.

  • Michelle

    What a way to make a living says the girl who is a week behind in reading her blog, partly because work is getting in the way. I’m trying to catch up but ummmm I’m about ready to hit the hay!