“Going Green” Is One Thing, But This Is Ridiculous.

I nearly forgot all about the fact that I wanted to post about this, and since I’m sitting here and it came to mind I thought I’d better just do it really quickly.

First, I have to give my apologies to the gentlemen who read my blog: Nukedad, Tom, OhCaptain, Jim, and any others out there…gosh, I’m sorry about this. It won’t happen again anytime soon, I promise. You might just want to hop over to Momo’s or Mrs4444’s or *anybody else’s* place right now.

Consider yourselves warned.

I was flipping through my February issue of Redbook magazine a couple of days ago when I saw a little picture at the bottom of page 36 that caught my eye. And then I read the information next to it and saw what it was. It has to do with your monthly visitor, “Aunt Flo”.

The only thing I need to write before I put up the link is the first sentence of this little blurb in the magazine:

“Your standard maxi pad might last five hours–but now you can get a pad that’ll last you five years!”

Grossly intrigued? Click this, and don’t forget to enlarge the photo.

Gives a whole new dimension to the expression “on the rag”, doesn’t it?

P.S. Nukedad, if you’ve stomached this whole post, congrats. And I’m still waiting for that post at your place about prostate exams. (hee hee)

P.P.S. For the record, the last sentence in the Redbook blurb is: “We’re all for going green, but this idea strikes us as a little, um, yucky.” Thank goodness I’m not totally nuts.



  • i am the diva

    seriously, i mean, i get it – go green and all that… but there are some luxuries i am NOT willing to give up for the sake of the planet. what’s next, the reusable tampon? no spank you.

  • Mags

    One of my good friends is an avid knitter and she frequents a knitting site where people post their recent projects. One day she IM’d me at work in total shock, horror and disgust and gave me a link to crocheted and knitted maxi pad type thing-a-ma-bobs.

    What?!? And ew. I tell you what-I would NOT want to sit on the same seat on the T as someone who’s going green when they’re spilling red.

    No sir. Ick.

  • nonna

    OMGOSH!!! y’all must not have seen the freaking cup thing!! yes, they not only expect you to wash pads (meaning carry the dirty ones around with you till you get home!!!every cat in the city would be following you!) but they have some freaking “diva cup” that you… ugh i’m not even going there. go back and click on the FAQ section!

    forget about douching your eyeballs i want to rewind and pretend i never even saw this stuff.

    you suck melisa 🙂

  • Lilacspecs

    At the risk of people calling me names and generally being mean to me…
    Didn’t women use cotton pads before they invented the current, chemical filled, landfill clogging ones? And don’t some people use cloth diapers for their children? These cotton pads would not be my choice, personally (I use the divacup to keep chemical out of my bits and my uteral lining out of the landfill) but I don’t think it’s fair when people make comments that people trying to help the environment by making the less popular choice are crazy.

    *bracing myself for the onslaught of meanness*

  • Kat

    This can not be happening. Why oh why did you make me go and look at that site and why do I now have disturbing images in my head?

    TMI people TMI 🙂

  • seashore subjects

    Not only is that just wrong, the testimonial said “my fiance bought me this..” yeah right! IF that were true, someone needs to tell her to leave that guy!

  • Melisa with one S

    Mr. Lady: Short, sassy, and to the point…that's what I love about your comments!

    Diva: eew. I hope that's not next! I shudder to think about it!

    Mags: If I had an award for "Most disgusting imagery" in this comment section, you'd win! LOL

    Mrs4444: Definitely NOT freshi. 🙂

    Nonna: I saw it. But I thought I'd leave that out: too much horror in one place, you know?

    OhCaptain: I am impressed that you didn't cut and run on this one. Don't worry, if you come back later I'll have something different below my fabulous banner for you to look at. 🙂 I read your post and ooh, I can imagine how that could cause a little anxiety. The good news is, between the school ed. program and I'm sure your wife having conversations with her (you *could* even join them: I sat in on "The Talk(s)" with my boys), you'll all be fine when it happens. 🙂

    Lilacspecs: I am not bringing the mean, especially to you! One of the best things about blogging in my opinion is the opportunity to hear others, even (and sometimes especially!) if they think in a totally opposite way from me. No hatin' here. You are correct: back in the day, way before Always and Stayfree and all that, women had to use cloth (or rags) for this and for baby diapers. I actually used cloth diapers for my older son for the first 1 1/2 years. BUT, there has been some debate regarding how environmentally sound that is, because though disposable diapers (and pads) go to the landfill, the water, chemicals, and energy (for heating the water) used in washing all of that fabric is not 100% environmentally friendly either. I love you & admire you for "standing up" (you know what I mean) and commenting, even though it's against the grain of my opinionated post and all of our other comments. xoxo

    Kat: Sorry! 🙂

    Seashore: I did NOT see that. I'm thinking that if you want to use this, you should buy it yourself!

    Weaselmomma: But the fabric has cute patterns! (ewww still)

  • NukeDad

    What’s the big deal? It’s no different than when I buy a box of Depends adult diapers so that I can enjoy a full day of sports on the couch without the bother of having to get off of said couch to go use the facilities.

    Looks like 40 words is my run-on sentence limit. I’ll work on it.

  • Sue

    If everyone is so into green, why don’t they start sending women to sit in a field until Aunt Flo is gone.

    Let’s just say my hysterectomy is good for the planet, so my sacrifice is your gain. Please go buy disposable pads and tampons NOT reusable ones.

    Ugh, I can’t even imagine!

  • Michelle

    So not gonna happen. At all. Some things I just can’t stomach. And I know people used to do it, but I’m spoiled now. I really am.

    But if I had to choose a pattern, I’d so go for the cupcakes 😉

    And I’m crushed that someone already made the comment about the fiance buying them! Soooo eww!

  • stACEy♫

    thank the good LORD for inspiriong some people to invent DISPOSABLE things like those and diapers, oh my heavens…. I can’t even continue…

  • k a t i e

    …my train of thought due to complete lack of sleep

    *clicks image*

    “oh! They’re all pretty colored. I wonder how much it must cost to make them all pretty colored. Wouldn’t the die hurt your va-jay-jayt? And why would they do it when you just throw them out anyways.. Oh. Oh my giddy aunt. I see what all the fuss is about…”

    Yeah. It’s nap time.

  • Melisa with one S

    Nukedad: That was an awesome run-on sentence~!

    Sue: Umm…thanks? LOL

    Momo: Wasn’t there a song like that?
    “If lovin’ those is wrong, I don’t wanna be wrong.”

    Sarah: HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY BRAIN GO THERE???? (Never mind: I deserve that one. 🙂 )

    Andie: You seem to be in the majority…

    Michelle: CUPCAKES?? Okay, me too. But I don’t plan on getting them. (more similarities…)

    StACEy: Hope you regained your composure…LOL

    Katie: Are you rested now? 🙂

  • Dea

    I, too, am all for green. And I’m all for doing your own thing. BUT – how are reusables any better for the environment? Washing these over and over (and trust me, girls like me would be doing a load a day, tmi I know) are bad for the environment as well. Those of us on sewer systems – our waste water goes to a treatment plant. Those aren’t exactly great for the environment. They’re full of chemicals.

    I use tampons. They don’t have chemicals in them – they’re straight cotton. I don’t get scented, etc. And I flush them. So I suppose I’m doing about as much damage as the people washing the cloth diapers and the cloth maxis….as I’m sending my waste through the treatment plant, no?

    Some things are more important than others, such as hygiene, time saving, and the plain old ICK factor. Not to mention my comfort.

    And the cups – yeah, no comment. We clumsy folks aren’t so good at those, trust me….

    I guess what I’m mostly trying to say is – I’m going to try harder in some other area than in my monthly. There are lines we all have to draw, and this one – MINE, for sure…

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    I’m so sorry I missed this the first time around. But dude? Did they really have to put RICK RACK ON THE DAMN PADS?!?

    I’m not buying any till they put those little dingle-berry balls around the edges. “HUMPH!”