From The “I Wish I Had Thought of This” File…

I was recently reading my new issue of Redbook magazine, and, well, you know nothing good can come of that because the last time I was reading a new issue of Redbook magazine, I had to post about this.

But I digress. I found something that at first I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of, but after letting it twirl around in my brain for a while and then checking out the website, I have converted my thinking.

Sarah’s Smash Shack is located in San Diego, California. What is it? Well, what does it sound like it is? I’ll give you a minute.

Ready? Good.

Basically it’s a place that is all set up for anyone to safely go and let off steam by throwing breakable objects against walls so they splinter into thousands of pieces.

Why? Oh, I don’t know…Breakup? Lost job? Failed a test? Car accident? Your nosey neighbor got the goods on you? Just need a safe place to pretend you’re Erica Kane being spurned once again by the lover du jour?

When you arrive, you check out their glorious menu and decide which objects you’d like to purchase and destroy. (You can bring your own items and destroy them there, for a usage fee.) Once you’re all set, you put on protective gear, crank up your iPod with your favorite head-banging, glass-breaking tunes, and go to town.

blue room What about the remains? They’ll either package them up for you to safely take with you (for a fee), or local art/mosaic groups, students, and therapy programs will benefit from your pain release.

By the way, as always, I was not compensated in any way for this seemingly glowing review of a place I’ve never visited. (I haven’t been to San Diego since 1993!)

Click here for their home page, to learn more.

And let’s discuss. Great release, or waste of home decor items?



  • Mags

    I heard about this years ago somewhere-but I do know that it was about a place in Japan. Leave it to them to think of this first!

    LOVE the idea-one day I’m going to do this. Every time I pick up a nice thin hand made blown glass wine glass I want to smash it on the edge of a marble counter.

    But I don’t…obviously. 🙂

    BTW, my verification word is “pelte”. Kinda funny.

  • Kat

    What a waste. I couldn’t bear parting with something useful. They showed it on TV over here and I just think it is crazy.

    Sometimes I do feel the urge to smash something in lieu of punching someone in the face but I’ll be damned if saucers start flying in my household. LOL

  • ImakehairROCK4u2

    I wonder if they let you hang up a picture of the offending person…or baby-daddy…to throw crap at? Maybe it would have a voodoo doll affect…That would be awesome.

  • Melissa

    OMG, I wish there was one of these places down the street from me. While I was at my lowest point I had a picture in my head of throwing a coffee cup at my kitchen wall. Every time I thought of it, it made me feel great.

    Well, at least until I thought about cleaning up the mess.

    Maybe you need to start one here, it sure is an interesting idea.

  • Melisa with one S

    tutugirl: Aww, that sounds ominous. I’m sorry to hear that!

    Mags: Do you actually think of that whenever you pick up a wine glass? That’s sort of funny. 😉

    Kat: I know, I was going back and forth about the waste. But I have also done mosaic art before and have had to smash my own stuff anyway, so maybe this saves someone the effort!

    Imakehairrock: THEY DO! I forgot to post that. They will hang up pictures or anything else you want to use as a target!

    Melissa: I’ll think about it. Maybe you and I need to start a joint venture. Let’s start saving our pennies!

  • nonnasnonsense

    i don’t know. i’ve always hated being around somebody who threw/broke things in a rage. i understand the concept of this place but i think there are def better ways of dealing with your temper.
    i do like that they let artists use the broken pieces to make stuff though 🙂

  • k a t i e

    Sounds like my mother had the right idea back when we were little – she’d purchase several plates etc for 5c at the local charity shop, and in a controlled fit of rage would demolish said items in her Throwing Corner.

    I think it saved me quite a few shakings, that’s for sure.

    NB: Naturally my mother would never shake/hurt me in any way. But I was, how would you describe me…perhaps a difficult child?

    I like to think I’ve changed my ways… *whistles innocently*

    It’s a great idea to pass on the damaged bits to local arts groups. Nice way to give a happy ending to an otherwise angry problem.

  • Jennifer

    I vote for “great release”. Sometimes we all need to let out our aggression and better to do so in a controlled environment than to lash out on someone on the freeway!

    Sign me UP!!!

  • abritdifferent

    I’ll just say it. What will they think of next?

    It’s actually a decent concept, I wouldn’t mind throwing a few things around myself.

  • WeaselMomma

    Great release! But a total waste of money. I know a woman who used to go to garage sales and buy up all the plates and glasses. Then as needed she would throw then up against the side of her garage. It really helped!

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Dude, I SO had this idea.

    Does “Smash lab” or whatever its called have a bar for post-smashing martinis? My place totally would.

  • Melisa with one S

    Nonnasnonsense: Okay, I didn’t think of that aspect of it. That makes sense too. It’s probably not a good place for a rageful person.

    Katie: Yes, my fave part is that they pass on the “remains” to people who can use them.

    Jennifer: A controlled environment where THEY CLEAN UP FOR YOU. That’s the best part!

    Mags: You don’t need help! I think it’s funny.

    Siobhan: Maybe you’ll get one in Montana someday. You think?

    Weaselmomma: But then YOU’D have to clean it up! I think it’s worth it, just to avoid yet another mess to take care of. 🙂

    Colleen: Maybe you can open one in Wisconsin!

  • Mrs4444

    DAMN! Yet another idea that I had 20 years ago but never thought of monitizing! I used to collect breakables and then took them out to a farm, where I smashed them to bits. It was VERY satisfying. I wish they had a place here.

  • Michelle

    I think I’m going with the shot glasses and the blue plates. With a possible refill.

    Can you tape pictures of things on the wall before smashing?