I’m Probably At Papaya King As You Read This…

Wish you were here!

I’ll be tweeting on occasion while I’m gone; follow me on Twitter HERE. If you’re an active Tweeter (and you know who you are), send me a direct message now and then to stroke my ego and let me know you miss me. (Not that you’ll actually be missing me, because I’ve got new posts scheduled for the next couple of days…but humor me, would you?) The direct messages go right to my phone; I won’t be checking the actual Twitter page at all while I’m gone.

Anyone want anything from Manhattan?

I’ll be back “live” in a few days!




  • C.J. Koster

    Have an awesome time in New York. I’ve always wanted to go. I’m jealous. Damn.

    P.S. Nice blog.

  • Lindz

    Ahhh New York. I love love love it there. But for me, I can only go when I have a bunch of “extra” money to spend because I tend to forget that I’m NOT actually Carrie Bradshaw.

  • Michelle

    What do I want…

    a new purse from those ummm nice people in Chinatown.

    some New York style pizza (although I did have Lou’s last night!)

    some good Italian ice.

    can you sneak my friends Amy and Mike in your suitcase to bring home for me?

    OH! I know. Can you bring some spring weather home with you? Pretty please?