Imagine…Being in a QUIET Oasis in the Middle of NYC!

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A must-visit for anybody heading to NYC is Central Park. Besides the fact that it costs NOTHING/NADA/ZERO to go there, it is an amazingly peaceful oasis right there in the middle of one of the busiest cities anywhere.

Before heading inside the park’s borders and in keeping with our (sort of) theme of music history, we headed over to the Dakota building on the west side of Central Park, which is where John Lennon lived with his wife (Yoko Ono, who still has an apartment there), and where he was killed by Mark David Chapman in 1980.

P2210402 This subway sign/stop is at the Dakota; I found it to be quite beautiful.

After stopping at the Dakota, we crossed the street to enter Central Park and entered Strawberry Fields, which is the area of Central Park that was landscaped in honor of John Lennon, with financial help from his widow Yoko Ono. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place.

P2210404 The only reference to Lennon in Strawberry Fields is the black and white mosaic that has the word “Imagine” in the middle of it.

P2210409 Nearby there is a plaque that lists more than 100 countries which endorse Strawberry Fields as a “garden of peace”.

P2210411 We saw *almost* everything on the south end of the Park. I have way too many photos to post, but I chose a couple of my favorites. This is the Angel of the Waters Fountain.

P2210417 Here’s a halfway decent photo of Jim and me as we made our way through The Mall and the Literary Walk.

P2210428 One of my most favorite photo-taking opportunities on the whole trip was when we walked over to the Chess and Checkers House. Don’t know what it is? It’s just like it sounds. It’s a house that has a chess/checkers tables situated all the way around it.

P2210433 The house wasn’t open for game piece rental because it was still pretty early in the day, but the boys decided to play with imaginary pieces. See them?

P2210439 I’ll just let you look at the photos on your own without my descriptions, to see how the game went.

P2210440 Moving on, Central Park was full of the horse and carriages you always hear about. It was so dang pretty!

P2210442 We stopped by Wollman Rink, which is now run by The Donald. Need proof? Click on the photo to enlarge, and look at the sides. His name is, of course, all over it.

P2210453 It’s even on the Zamboni. See?

Wow. I was just blown away by Central Park. Someday (soon?) I hope to see the rest of it!




  • Mom24

    Wonderful post…again! I’m so jealous. It looks like a fabulous trip. I had no idea that Central Park was so huge! Very impressive and very special.

  • MileHighDad

    Pretty cool! An amazingly peaceful oasis in NYC? I cant even find that in my house much anymore! And I live on the edge to knowhere.

  • The Microblogologist

    I’d want to go there after the trees leafed out and there were flowers blooming. I think that would likely be the highlight of a trip to that city for me given that I am not much of a city person and prefer suburbs or rural areas. Looks like your boys had a spirited game going on there, glad it didn’t come to blows 😉

  • MaNiC MoMMy™

    Holy shit, that’s a lot of picture taking! Looks fun! Once when I was in NYC, in Battery Park, I lost $60 to one of those guys with the ball under the shell. I DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! REALLY! And I was sober!!!!

  • Huckdoll

    What a gorgeous day to be at Central Park.I want to go so, SO badly…

    It’s hard to believe people actually live in that city and get to enjoy that stuff everyday. Jealous!

  • Karen MEG

    Great shots of Central Park, it is HUGE isn’t it? I have yet to go through when it’s warm (everytime we’ve been there it’s been wintery) but we did take the kids on a carriage ride… sweet!

  • Katie

    WHOA… I just realized what is totally weird about your pictures… the Imagine mosaic has no flowers! I have never seen it like that, in all of my NYC trips. Was the dude that normally decorates the tribute not out there? I wonder what happened! I’m shocked!

  • NukeDad

    I love Central Park. The Imagine circle was covered with flowers when we were there; wonder why not when you were there-it’s one of the most popular tourist stops. Is that fountain awesome or what? Everytime I’m there and I see a balloon I think that Mel Gibsons son is going to be kidnapped by Lt. Dan.

  • Andie

    Central Park, by far, is one of my most favorite things about NYC. I love sitting on the rocks and people watching while having a picnic.

    There are always neat musicians in & aroudn the park, too!

  • Michelle

    Ohhh Central Park is so lovely. It’s so nice to actually see some nature and animals (other than rodents, which I don’t consider animals!) after so much time in the concrete jungle. I didn’t know the history behind Strawberry Fields, so thanks for the heads up.

    And I’m thinking someone was cheating at that chess game!