You Had Questions, I’ve Got Answers! (part one)

While I’m busily getting just over 200- 1 inch by 2 3/4 inch strips of colorful paper filled out with your names on them for my little drawing on Wednesday, I want to go ahead and respond to some of your comments from all of my NYC posts since I didn’t have the time to do that day by day. There were so many that I’m splitting this into two posts. So, here we go!

*clearing my throat*

(not that I will be talking, but the throat-clearing thing really lets everyone know that you’re ready to get started, don’t you think?)

From “This Is Not Just Any Old Blog Contest”:

Weaselmomma asked, “Let me get this straight. You went to the M&M store and are offering up a souvenir penny? Is this an April Fools prank?”
I say: “Yes, that is correct. Just a penny from the M&M store. No April Fools prank, I’m just cheap like that.”

Jen asked, in four separate comments,
“You mean I can’t…send different random comments…& get multiple entries in the contest?…Jeeze!”
I say, “That’s right! But I like your spunk.”

Katie in Melbourne asked, “What happens if I actually DO want to see all 500 photos…??”
I say, “At this point you’ve seen the best of them, but one of these days I’ll put ’em on Flickr or Kodakgallery & send you a link.” 🙂

Nukedad asked, “Is the penny chocolate, peanut or almond?”
I say, “It’s copper. But if you cover it in chocolate if and when you win it, then you’ve got a copper truffle.”

Terri asked, “It couldn’t get any easier, could it?”
I say, “Nope.”

From “Getting There Is Half The Fun, Sort of. But Not Really. Being There Is Really Most of The Fun.”:

I am the Diva asked, “can you plan MY next family vacation?”
I say, “Why not? Where are you headed?” 🙂

Grandma W (my mom) asked, “Are we going to have a girls week-end?”
I say, “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!”

Michelle asked, “Out of curiosity, did you not buy the 10 fare subway passes? Just the individual ones?”
I say, “We bought a subway card for $40 and it gave us $6 extra for buying that much (I never stop bargain hunting). At $2 per person per ride, it lasted us the whole trip except the last day; I had to buy 1 one-ride ticket.”

From “Though She’s a Bit Stiff, She’s NYC’s Greatest Hostess”:

Kat asked, “How awesome is it that “Ranger Jim” granted you access to the monument?”
I say, “TOTALLY. You have no idea!”

Nukedad asked, “Did they still have the ball sculpture from the WTC in Battery Park?”
I say, “Hmm. I did not see it there. Doesn’t mean it was gone, but I didn’t see it.”

Dawn asked, “Didn’t you learn your lesson when we went to Chicago a few years ago about NOT taking a coat or jacket? Remember that?”
I say, “Um, I guess I did NOT learn my lesson. Yes, I do remember that. I might call you when I’m packing for my next trip, so you can remind me!”

Weaselmomma asked, “And if everyone was jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump too?”
I say, “Uh, no. Unless the water below was replaced by money…or M&Ms.”

Michelle asked, “And that wind? Ugh, it’s as bad as ours, isn’t it?”
I say, “HOLY COW, YES it was! That day, it was WORSE than ours.”

From “When NYC = New York Candy”:

Weaselmomma asked, “Once again, all I can say is…… All that wonderful, sugary goodness and you brought us back a penny?”
I say, “Grrrrr….”

Isabella asked (and I’m including her entire comment because it was one of my faves!): “Is that a bathtub full of gumballs?! I contemplated saying “I wanna be in there” but then I thought of all the uncomfortable places those gumballs could end up. Never mind. I’d rather do a keg stand with those M&Ms dispensers.”
I say, “Yes, it was gumballs, but not really full. Just designed to look full; they had some kind of wood piece or something in there so it was only a layer or two. But ICK on the ‘uncomfy places those gumballs could end up.’ And…Bwahahahaha!”

Tom asked, “Tell me: do they have ten pound sacks to hold the M&Ms at M&M World? ’cause that’s like the smallest size I’d be willing to walk out with.”
I say, “I didn’t see ten-pound sacks, but you could have easily filled up an unlimited amount of their small bags, taken out a loan to pay for them, tossed them in a cab, and flown them home in the cargo hold.”

Mrs. 4444 asked, “Do you remember From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler?”
I say, “This was a comment I had to reply to via e-mail (and did), because it remains (since 4th or 5th grade) one of my ALL-TIME favorite books. I still have it on my bookshelf. LOVE IT! I highly recommend it to all of you!”

Nukedad asked, “Is it possible to get type 2 diabetes just from reading a post?”
I say, “I don’t think so, but I think I heard somewhere that it is possible to get eczema.”

Sue asked, “A keg stand with an M&M dispenser? God, why have I never thought of that????”
I say, “Hmm. I don’t know, Sue. But if you want to do a craft project when you come to visit in July, I think you’ve just come up with a good idea…”

From “Where They’ll Know You’re a Visitor if You Say It Like The City in Texas”:

Weaselmomma said, “I can’t believe you didn’t bring back a raccoon penis bone for the giveaway, but mints instead.”
I say, “Why I oughta…”

My sister House of Jules said, “Guess who’s getting fancy gift-wrapped presents this year?!”
I say, “ME! ME! ME! But let’s have a gift-wrapping day; how fun would that be? I’ll wrap mine. ha ha”

Nukedad said, “See, this is why I could never afford to live in New York; it’d cost me over $20 a pound just to cut the cheese; what would it cost if I really had to go? Would they put it on my water bill?”
I say, “Er…uhh…hmmm…”

Michelle, a detail-oriented girl just like me, asked, “Dean & DeLuca I totally spaced on. YUM! YUM! The olive oil roasted basil salt one. I’m all over that. What did you guys choose? And the paper place? So fun! Have you ever been to Xpedx in AH? Very practical but GREAT paper. And cheap!”
I say, “Let’s see, our candy choices at D&D were…the older boy chose a chocolate frog…Jim chose a salted dark chocolate caramel…I chose a salted milk chocolate caramel…the younger boy picked a white chocolate lemon truffle. And no, I have not been to Xpedx in AH, but I think we may have to take a field trip there!”

Sue said, “I got busted taking photos in a grocery store in Paris too! What is up with not being able to take pictures of all the cool foods? Are we going to eat our pictures instead of buying the food? I still don’t get it. Where else could you get a post of delicious foods and penis bones? You’re a rock star!”
I say, “I don’t know why they hate when we take our photos of their beautiful stuff! You would think they would have pride in their stores, right?? And that last question? I would estimate that here at the Scrawl is the ONLY place you’ll ever find a post about delicious foods and penis bones. Maybe I should change my header and blog description.” 🙂

From “Just a Little Sex in the City”:

Sue asked, “OK, do you ever wonder why only yummy cupcake bakeries have those handy cupcake inserts? How many cupcakes have I messed up by carrying them to school in a big box?”
I say, “Probably because only the yummy cupcake bakeries do enough business to afford those fancy inserts. I don’t know how many cupcakes you’ve messed up by carrying them to school in a big box, but I’ll guess. Fifty-two?”

I am the Diva said, “there must have been enough hotties in the tour to make it worth while for your boys, though, right?”
I say, “Probably. But my boys were very involved in being horrified that they were eating cupcakes in front of that many people; if they were eyeing the hotties, they didn’t let on!”

Mags asked, “So…how were the cupcakes?”
I say, “Awesome! I really liked them alot. I don’t know if they were the best cupcakes I’ve had in my life because I don’t keep track of that kind of thing, but I thought they were amazing-tasting.”

Anissa Mayhew said, “come hell or high water I’m coming to NY and you are taking me for cupcake, woman!! Promise me! SAY IT. *no, really, trying to work out a trip up there in Nov*”
I say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk…Now I KNOW you haven’t been visiting my blog regularly, Anissa! Because you’d know that I LIVE outside of Chicago and only VISITED New York! I won’t be there in November! But I still luv ya.”

From “If You Can Eat It There, You May Not Be Able To Eat It Anywhere…”:

Weaselmomma said, “I liked this post so much that I’m not even going to mention the lack of cheesecake in the giveaway.”
I say, “Come a little closer and say that again.”

Angie Goff said, “um excuse me did i see O.M.G? on your blog.. you know that’s not what we say anymore!!!”
I say, “You’re right…I’m sorry Ma’am. OH MY GOFF!”

Sue asked, “How could you NOT stop at a restaurant called Yum Yum?”
I say, “My thoughts exactly!”

Michelle asked, “But that pizza? ooooh I makes me want to head into the city to find a special kind of pizza place, neopolitan maybe. What kind did you get? Was that a margherita with basil on top or some sort of spinach or?…Hey, wanna plan a weekend for me when my friend from Seattle comes in next weekend?”
I say, “Just their thin crust with cheese and basil! Yummy! And oops, I’m too late to plan your weekend! Next time!”

Isabella asked, “Um…I should probably just check the intarwebz for the answer to this, but isn’t a “frozen” hot chocolate just a glorified chocolate milk?”
I say,
“EEEK! Don’t oversimplify! It is an *indulgent experience* your tastebuds will never forget.” 🙂

Andie asked, “have you ever heard of spumoni gardens?”
I say, “No, but I love that name!”

Look for Part Two tomorrow!



  • The Microblogologist

    I notice none of my comments made the cut, but then there is no way I could out-snarky WeaselMomma nor NukeDad so I get it.

  • Momo Fali

    What the hey is wrong with my reader?! Well, at least I see WeaselMomma had the smart-assery covered.

  • Michelle

    I KNEW you couldn’t do it all in one post 🙂

    So ummm let me explain my terminology: It’s Thursday. When I say this weekend, I mean this weekend coming up. When I say “next” weekend, I mean the following weekend. Paul flies in to LITH on Friday the 18th 🙂

    Good call on the salted milk chocolate caramel. That would have been my second choice after teh basil one.

    I need to re-trip NYC 🙂

    And don’t forget to add the extra strips of paper for those of us who are slowly catching up on blog reading! Sucker.

    And I didn’t even think of bringing home a racoon penis (don’t wanna have to exlain that to security in the airport) but I’m with Weaselmomma. You so shoulda added that (AND SOME CHOPSTICKS) to the prize pack. Because ummmm I can’t ask my friends in NYC to get some for me? Or my Taiwanese friends to pick up any. Or head down for some dim sum ohhhhhhh I need some dim sum. The Phoenix? Sorry,I just drooled and now I realize I wrote a whole post in the comments 🙂 Oops.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    I’m sad that I’ve been too busy with life to have made your roll call in this post! 😉

    Definitely off to check out the rat penis or whatever the heck that was…