You Had Questions, I’ve Got Answers (part TWO!)

Yes, yes, I’m still filling out little strips of paper for my drawing tomorrow (twelve days of posts and comments??? what was I thinking???); here’s part two of the answers to your NYC post questions!

From “The Donald Was Only There In Spirit (and on books, ties, ice cream…)”:

Weaselmomma said, “So to recap, You bought luxurious little carefully wrapped soaps. Complete with gift packaging. From a high end department store that should have been a restaurant, with fantastic ‘make you feel like a celeb’ service and we get a squished penny if and only if we cat fight through 10 days of comments and win a mini lottery. Just making sure I got it straight.”
I say, “Yes.”

Isabella asked, “Have you used the soap yet?”
I say, “Nope! I hate to unwrap it because it’s so pretty! I actually have it on my nightstand. I don’t know why.”

Sue said, “The boys DEFINITELY looked unimpressed! 2 funny pictures of them. Don’t they understand they were in a SHOPPING TEMPLE!!!???”
I say, “I KNOW! Seriously! But they would have been happier back at Nintendo World.”

Kat asked, “Do you reckon The Donald is diving into a huge pile of money like uncle Dagobert did?”
I say, “Ha ha Kat, my little German evil twin, you almost got me. I had to think for a while who you meant, and then I looked him up to be sure. For those of you who don’t know who Uncle Dagobert is by his German name, you’ll recognize him if you see him: click here. And to answer Kat’s question, I would say YES, probably. But he probably had fake money manufactured for that purpose, and the fake money has his name and face all over it.”

Grandma W (my mom) said,
“I can’t understand why the boys weren’t excited about shopping the this Shop Temple. Did you not raise them right?”
I say, “Apparently NOT! I think I did everything right EXCEPT teach them how to “be” in a high-end store. Oh well…”

Anonymous said, “I’d like to just point out that only THREE of us are fans of the Apprentice. This fourth person in the house, is definitely NOT a fan. Just so we’re clear here:-)”
I say, “Oh Jim, you are fantastically adorable when you’re distancing yourself from reality tv game shows that I like.”

Nukedad asked, “Trump sure is a monument to modesty, isn’t he?”
I say, “Is that what you call it?” 🙂

Andie asked, “is the plaza still a hotel? because last time I was up that way in NY, it was actually being renovated into condos or something… did they go back to being a hotel?”
I say, “I don’t know if parts of it are now condos, but it was indeed (at least partly) a hotel when we were there. I can’t imagine them converting the whole thing from hotel to condo and then reversing…? Does anyone else know?”

Michelle, whose comments and questions are intertwined, said, “So did you buy anything at FAO Schwartz? The wee ones got map of the US placemats and a winter Winnie the Pooh, respectively. I *can’t* go there and not buy something. But man those soaps sound heavenly. And the service. What, they didn’t offer you sparkling water while you waited? And no tea at the Plaza? Tea is one of my favorite things to do in NYC!”
I say, “Didn’t buy anything at FAO; we were in and out of there in 15 minutes. Teens are interested in toys like the ones they sell at Apple or Nintendo. 🙂 I actually might have been offered a drink at Takashimaya but can’t remember; I would have refused it anyway. And…no tea at the Plaza. Don’t you remember I was traveling with a hubby and two teen boys? Are you nuts?” LOL

From “Music Man(ny’s)”:

Michelle asked the only question on this post! She asked, “Out of curiosity, what will they do with the yellow guitar now that they’re closing? And all those photos?”
I say, “I would imagine that they will eventually end up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or something; I can’t imagine them all boxed up in the garages of the family who runs Manny’s. That’s a great question though. If I hear/see/read anything, I’ll do a little update.”

From “Imagine…Being in a QUIET Little Oasis in the Middle of NYC!”:

Karen MEG said, “Great shots of Central Park, it is HUGE isn’t it?”
I say, “Yes, absolutely! It seems like seeing the whole thing and enjoying it is definitely an entire day’s worth of activity. Someday…”

Katie in Canada said, “WHOA… I just realized what is totally weird about your pictures… the Imagine mosaic has no flowers! I have never seen it like that, in all of my NYC trips. Was the dude that normally decorates the tribute not out there?”
I say, “No! And I was surprised too! There was NOTHING on it. All of the photos I’ve seen online have flowers and such strewn all around it…this time, nothing. Weird!”

Nukedad asked, “Is that fountain awesome or what?”
I say, “Yes, awesome…but would have been *beyond* awesome if it had been filled with water at the time!”

From “Good Times Square(d)”:

Nukedad said, “If you were popsicles, and popsicles have sticks…oh, nevermind.”
I say, “Good one! And…you’re evil! Did you and Weaselmomma have lunch together that day?”

Weaselmomma said, “I’m all tingly with excitement and anticipation of who will win the mini lottery.”
I say, “You are funny! I know you want that penny!”

Mom24 asked, “Boy, do you know how to wring every bit of fun out of a trip?”
I say, “Yes. But this made me laugh because depending how you look at the question you could mean that I make the most out of vacation, or you could be asking if I suck the life out of vacation. Both can be true, depending on the trip and who you talk to.” 🙂

From “Tying Up NYC in a Neat Little Bow”:

I am the Diva asked, “wow, a whole store dedicated to chopsticks?”
I say, “Yes! How cool is that! And they were *mostly* very, very expensive. I thought they were beautiful as a group, too!”

Sue said, “Thanks for the trip to NYC. I am bringing you on my next vacation (we leave for Palm Bay Florida on Friday, can you be ready by noon?).”
I say, “I can be ready by ten! In fact, why don’t you fly through O’Hare and pick me up?”

Weaselmomma said, “You went to China Town, but no egg rolls or fortune cookies or Chopsticks for us. You went to the Intrepid, but didn’t bring back a fly-boy. Nintendo store…….and nothing?????”
I say, “You are a precious little thing, aren’t you? (killing her with kindness: LOL)”

Nukedad said,
“‘…and planes? Yawn.’ YAWN! Are you kidding me? I’ll bet you slept through the moon landing.”
I say, “It’s likely. I was seven months old.” YAWN!!!

Shew, that’s it! Great questions, everybody! I’ll be picking the winner of the “mini NYC lottery” tomorrow!



  • The Microblogologist

    If I ever get to visit both you and WeaselMomma at the same time I am so making sure to never be between you at any point! You guys crack me up both in blog comments and on twitter, lol.

  • WeaselMomma

    So, no chocolate, chocpsticks, fly-boys, racoon penis', M&M's, cupcakes or cheesecake.
    Hmmm, but we are in the run for a flattened penny valued at 51 cents, t-shirt, coffee mug, slightly squished sample candy, post cards (do it yourself even) and a Virgin bag.

  • Michelle

    If I win, I’m SOOOOO giving the penny to Weaselmomma.

    How expensive are expensive chopsticks?

    And next time… apparently I’ll separate the questions from the comments. just so we’re all clear 🙂

  • Sue

    Ha, Michelle, I was thinking the same thing! WeaselMomma DESERVES that penny! Or maybe it’s just that I have heard her whine about it for 2 weeks that she NEEDS to get it. Melisa, take the squished penny out of the running and give it to WM!