We’ve Built A Lot Together, But THIS Is Fantastic.

Okay, that title is a total teaser because what I’m about to write about is definitely wonderful, but not nearly the best thing Jim and I have built together: that would be our life and family in general.

It will come as no surprise to you, with all of the bragging writing I do about how we work as an excellent team, that Jim and I are one of those couples that can indeed do home projects together not only without killing each other, but even immensely enjoy the activity. Although he is definitely the foreman and I the assistant in the hardcore projects like replacing our sump pump, plumbing projects, and electrical tasks, I can definitely hold my own as full partner (and sometimes foreman!) in things like painting, tiling, and wood projects. A few years back, I wanted to build something to commemorate our anniversary. We had been having a tough month around here and I thought it would be really cool to just…create something.

What we needed at the time was a place to hold our CDs (remember those?), so we could get rid of that ugly black wire rack that we probably got at Target. We had some spare wood in the garage, and after one lovely weekend of working together (including a trip to Restoration Hardware for the pulls), we created this cabinet that would match the Mission style family room we were working on renovating:

Cabinet2 We even put our mark on the back:

Cabinet+Back It is one of my favorite pieces in the house. Eventually our CDs will probably be a thing of the past, but this baby goes with us where ever we live, forever.



  • WeaselMomma

    That is totally cool.
    If the two of you ever feel the need to harmonize away from the house you can come do it over here. I have a few projects you could enjoy together.

  • NukeDad

    Great job! That turned out awesome! Did you use a pocket knife for the inscription in the back?

  • Melisa with one S

    Weaselmomma: Sure, just as soon as we get all of our stuff done over here. 😉

    Mom24: Thanks!

    Nukedad: No way, dude. Wood burning tool all the way! 🙂

  • Kat

    Loving the inscription as well. It says a lot about your relationship when you don't want to kill eachother over home improvement projects. That's as tough a test as it gets.

  • Tom

    This is great! There is nothing so wonderful as being married to the perfect person for you. The test is just as you said: you can work on a project together without killing each other. Good on you both!

  • surprised mom

    Wow! Creative and handy! These are two things I admire. How wonderful that you and your husband can work together on a project like this. And, Awwww. The inscritpion is cute! Oh, and after WeaselMomma, can you put me on your schedule. LOL.

  • Otter Thomas

    Nice work. You guys sound like a great team.

    I still have CD's. I don't have an iPod either. I have given up.

  • Momo Fali

    Aw! That looks great and I love your special touch on the back.

    If you two really feel like bonding, I need a new floor put in…

  • Sheri

    Wow, that's impressive. And beautiful. My husband and I are a good team when it comes to being married, but not so much with anything involving tools 🙂

  • Michelle

    Way cool! I love it. I was expecting it to be drawers, but I love that it's shelves inside with the door that opens.

    So ummm wanna come help us with some projects? 🙂

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE the end result and this project would fit right into my house, heart and all!