Similar, But Without The Milk and Pepsi

Well, the big day has finally arrived. In the tradition of duos like Hoda & Kathie Lee (not the real ones, the SNL version), Lucy & Ethel, Mary & Rhoda, Wilma & Betty, and possibly Laverne & Shirley*

Weaselmomma & I are livestreaming this morning at 10:00 Eastern (9:00 Central, and 7:00 Pacific, Tom!) Go to and join in the fun! (By the way, you can go there earlier; Kim is on air before that time!)

Hope you see us then! (ha ha, get it? FUNNY.)

*Um, yeah. I’m not seriously comparing our skillz to these famous comedic duos. We will be a little funny, but chances are it’ll be more in a train wreck sort of way, which is all the more reason to tune in, or whatever it is called when you watch something on your computer. Just sayin’.



  • melissa

    haha funny! i get it! funny. hope we see you then. because you won't see us. hahaha…
    good luck. break a leg.

  • Tom

    It was great! And yes, I knew what time it would be. Fortunately the kids let me be for nearly an hour so I could watch.

  • surprised mom

    I'm so excited that I was able to catch a bit of your show!! It was fantastic! Should I be surprised? Of course not! And to think you had a coast to coast audience! Not bad for your first time! Hope to see you again soon!

  • Michelle

    You did a great job! And apparently I need a wakeup call more than a reminder email. I totally remembered just slept until 9:26 somehow (lots of drama right now, and I was up late commiserating).