Calling All Mamas!

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One of my most popular posts is being featured on Mamapedia today!

Mamapedia is a website where Moms (What about Dads??? “Dadapedia”? Hmm. I’ll get back to you.) can post questions on anything having to do with raising children–ANYTHING–and other moms can answer those questions. They feature bloggers in their section called “Mamapedia Voices”. Click here to read my post; I’m looking forward to contributing some brand, spankin’ new stuff to them very soon!



  • Brock

    Thank you! Thank you for acknowledging this scary phenomenon of daddy bloggers being left out of all the fun. Great job with the blog.

  • Teacher Tom

    After reading your post on Mamapedia, I'm wondering if I shouldn't rethink our mobile phone deal.

    We dumped the landline altogether this summer and my 12-year-old has her own phone with unlimited texting. I wonder if this genii can be put back in the bottle?

    Hmm. . .

  • LceeL

    Good that you're teaching him a certain measure of restraint. A valuable lesson for a young man to learn. And don't worry about us 'daddy' bloggers – it's the women that have got all the interesting stuff going on, anyway.

  • PJ

    Great post, ground rules are important. Obviously my son is way too young for this to be a concern for me, but it drives me nuts when a pack of teens nearly knock me over in the mall because they've got their heads buried in their phones. Wow, when did I get so cranky?