Calling All Daddies! (and non-Daddies too)

You may remember, if you concentrate really, really hard, the post that I wrote…yesterday*.

My first comment was from a gentleman named Brock, and this is what it said:

Thank you! Thank you for acknowledging this scary phenomenon of daddy bloggers being left out of all the fun. Great job with the blog**.

It reminded me that I should mention Dad Blogs again, because I haven’t in a while***. Of COURSE there is somewhere for Dads to go (and Moms too; the cool ones, anyway!), where they aren’t left out of all the fun. Of COURSE it is not about Mommybloggers (I intensely dislike that term with every fiber of my being) all the time. Of COURSE there are plenty of Dads who know what they are doing. Dads have a voice, and it is amazing to me that in some circles, Dad bloggers are still not as accepted as Moms for some reason. They are at Dad Blogs, though! Whether you’re a Dad or a Mom or not a parent at all, the Dad Blogs community will entertain you immensely. Go check it out! But before you do…

I actually read quite a few Dad blogs (not to be confused with the website Dad Blogs; I’m talking about separate blogs written by Dads!), and I really, really enjoy the humor and the different perspective that I experience when I visit them. I wanted to share with you just a few of the blogs, written by Dads, that are currently in my Reader. Please visit a few of them (or heck, ALL of them!) and tell them that Melisa sent’cha.

In no particular order (okay, they’re in alphabetical order, if you want to get technical):

Being Michael’s Daddy
Belladaddy Blog
Dear Mr. Man
Life of a New Dad
Mocha Dad
My Two Daddies
Nuclear Family Warhead
Ramblings and Run-ons
Real Men Drive Minivans
The Code Monkey Daddy
The Daddy Diaries
The Devoted Dad
The Hedgie’s Hideaway

There are more; check out my blogroll, here, to see the rest of the Dads, Moms, and other bloggers I read regularly!

*Let’s be honest; we can’t really call that a post. Whatever.
**Of course I had to leave the compliment in there, even though it has nothing to do with what I’m writing about today…
***My Sitemeter indicates that Brock came here from Dad Blogs, so I know that he’s already aware, but I thought it was worth a post anyway!