Well, Duh!

The younger boy has been quite social of late, hanging out all summer with his core group of friends at the pool, at the park, riding bikes…it’s been great to see him so engaged like that.

He spends time with one friend more than the others, a nice kid/teen/young man (whatever you prefer) who went to the same middle school but is attending private high school this year. I am happy that they are not letting that get in the way of their continuing to spend time together.

On several occasions this summer, the younger boy called us from his friend’s house, letting us know that the parents were going to take them to Dairy Queen for ice cream and then would bring him home afterwards.

When he got dropped off at home after the last Dairy Queen trip, Jim said, “They are really nice to take you to Dairy Queen. I hope that you are using your manners and being sure to thank them and all…”

The younger boy huffed and said, “Uh…YEAH…You raised me right.”

Thank goodness.