He’s Like The Wind

Though I knew it was coming, I feel a little like I’ve been punched in the stomach tonight. I just found out that Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer at the age of 57. I suppose everyone has their own special memories of any actor they are fond of (and I mean “fond of” not in a stalker-ish way but in an admiring-from-afar kind of way). In my mind, though he played many awesome characters in many different kinds of projects, to me he will always be Orry Main and Johnny Castle.

I took a breath after hearing the news of his death and then my thoughts went immediately to his wife, Lisa Niemi. Patrick and Lisa met when they were teens and had been married since 1975. Though they tried (and I think I read that she miscarried twice), they never had children. They were inseparable. My heart goes out to Lisa, Patrick’s lifetime dance partner. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.

I guess it’s time to pull out the “North and South” DVDs again this weekend…



  • Jeve (aka John and Steve)

    Very sad indeed. So many famous people who have made such an impact passing these days. A lot to handle.

  • Anonymous

    They say it is always the good that die. There are many people that deserve to die before people like Patrick.
    My heart has a space today and I want to cry. He has been one of my heart throbs I am a dancer at heart and always have been. We need some more song and dance movies and TV programs alike. Forget the guns and killing lets see song and dance more. May be this world would be better if it did have less of the killings on the movie and TV screen.

    I will miss him, I still have the poster you girls gave me of Patrick.
    With sadness and love.
    Grandma W

  • surprised mom

    I read this post last night, but was too sad to comment. Thanks for the great post and the accompanying videos. I will always be thankful for "Ghost," "Dirty Dancing," and the rest of Patrick Swayze's films. He will live on through them. My sympathies to his wife and constant companion.

  • mayberry

    There's been such a sweet sound byte on NPR today — him talking about how he loved to dance with his wife, at events and such, but they'd always get looks: "Look Martha, they're gonna dance!"

  • PJ Mullen

    I'm going to be running a Roadhouse and Red Dawn marathon this weekend. Not much of a DD fan myself, but I'll probably have to throw that one in for the wife. WOLVERINES!

  • NYC Girl

    I'm so sad about it! You post was great. I've wanted to write about him but work has been crazy!

    He will be very missed!