Aaaand They’re Off!

I can’t believe it.

I’ve been working on a book project, off and on, for more than two years. Actually, the research for it started four years ago, so I guess I could say that I’ve been working on it for four years, but that’s depressing so I’ll stick with “more than two”.

Yesterday* was a monumental day for me in this process, because after working intensely for weeks on getting a spiffy and oh-so-professional proposal done**, I finally got it in the mail. To more than one publisher.

I have told some people IRL what the book is about, but don’t yet feel like I should put it out here on the Scrawl. Suffice it to say, this book combines several of the things I love the most in the world. Oh yeah, and I can tell you that it’s non-fiction. You can be absolutely certain that as soon as I feel like I can, I will be shouting all about it in this space.

I have given myself until New Year’s Eve to finish the book. Can I do it? Absolutely. Will I? Man, I hope so. I’m sure going to try my best!

It is my hope upon hope that I will get a positive response from one of the publishers. I am no dummy; I am well aware of the rejection rate for writers and books. (or articles, or whatever.) However, I absolutely, without a doubt, know that there is a need for this book. Not only is there a hole in the market that this book can fill, but it’s full of great information, it’s fun, it has a darn cute title and…and…and…I’m mostly confident (with a dash of realism) and have hope for a “Yes.”

I want this, badly. I am saying it out loud. I want it.

My sister lives by the idea that you have to ask for what you want in life.

Just ask.

And so I’m asking. Who? The universe. The powers that be. Anyone who can have a hand in a publisher thinking that they need my book in their catalog, that’s who I’m appealing to.

Pray? Sure. In Judaism we don’t really pray for things like this directly; I wouldn’t pray to G-d to get my book published. Rather, I’d pray to G-d to give strength, knowledge and wisdom to the publishers who will be receiving my proposal: the strength, knowledge, and wisdom to see that there is indeed room for my book out there.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed. I’m also trying to mentally send good vibes to the publishing houses, like blowing a late-season dandelion so the seeds scatter, then sway and float in mid-air before landing.

Of course, I’m quite nervous now that the “chicks have flown the coop”. It’s terrifying to put a piece of myself out there for judgement, but to get anywhere as a writer, you have to. When you write (or produce any sort of art, really: movies, sculpture, paintings, etc.), you have to be brave and strong and try not to care that people are naturally going to rip you apart. Of course the critics don’t mean anything personally, but any negative comments about a book, an article, a blog post, well, they ARE personal, because all of those things come straight from the heart of the writer, via the keyboard.

But I’m willing to risk it, because I want this.

If you can do me a favor, because I can use all the help I can get, I’d eternally appreciate it. (I know, I just asked you to vote for me the other day, but this is on a totally different level. This is a much higher priority favor!) Please, whether you pray, meditate, cross body parts, repeat mantras, carry good luck charms, whatever: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do that on my behalf, with my book in mind.

I promise I’ll let you know if I get good news. (Should I say “WHEN I get good news”? That feels egotistical.)

This could be the best thing ever. Yesterday, I might have put the wheels in motion for a major life change. I’m ready for it.

*Yeah, yesterday was Friday the 13th. Brave, aren’t I? Though I’m not normally superstitious, I was considering waiting to mail them until today. When my printer ink ran out just AFTER I finished printing everything I needed, I decided that was sign enough that the 13th or not, those babies were going into the mail.

**I also need to mention that I had the proposal checked over, critiqued, and edited by Julesie, Jim, and my grammar buddy, Michelle, and am so thankful for their time and efforts!



  • Dancewidjew

    I have six short stories with no endings. I've never had the courage to finish them/send them in. Instead, I've thought about the rejection slips; I've listened to my agent friend who tells me you have to live in N.Y. and be gorgeous to get anything published (gorgeous for the jacket cover!!) But what you are saying about asking what you want, has inspired me. Your sister is right.

    I often pray. I will pray in the direction of the publishers who read your book. You have the skills and the experience to do this–I wish you all the best!!

  • PJ Mullen

    I have offered rum to Jobu for you, hopefully that will help. I just need to remind myself that it is very bad to steal Jobu's rum, very bad 🙂

    Seriously, good luck, that would rock.

  • Huckdoll

    Wow…this is so so SO very huge and inspirational … and AWESOME! I'm super proud of your dedication and passion here … and that alone will get this dream places, I just know it.

  • surprised mom

    I will do all the above, pray, cross body parts, sing a mantra, etc., for you. You should feel so proud of yourself for completing this book. When it comes out, are you autographing copies? You noticed I said when, not it. I know you're that talented.

    Good luck and I hope you hear from a wise publisher soon!

  • House of Jules

    Yes, yes & yes! So glad they're finally off!

    BTW, I don't know PJ Mullen, but his offering of rum to Jobu made me wish I had the Major League DVD. So funny…

  • Tara R.

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for good news from the publishers. I'm hoping for a bidding war to break out over who gets that printing rights. Good Luck!

  • Michelle

    When when when when when. You know I've got all my fingers crossed and everything else. I can't wait to hear the good news! Do you know how long it usually takes to get a response?

  • Kat - LA Blogger Gal

    Congratulations!! That's very impressive and you should be proud. And yes, ask and you shall receive.

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    WHOOT — I know what the book's about, I know what the book's about, neener, neener, neener — good luck, my friend.