What Do You Wear To a 75th Anniversary Party?

Apparently, the Galaxy Dress. As a part of the exhibit “Fast Forward: Inventing the Future” and in honor of the Museum of Science and Industry’s 75th Anniversary, designers from CuteCircuit came up with this attention-getting creation, which is the world’s largest, wearable LED display. I hope to get to the city to see it in person very soon, but for now, a video will have to suffice for all of us:

I wonder how long it will be before someone on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” begs her Mommy and Daddy to get her a dress like this.



  • NYC Girl

    Sorry about the deleted comment…I thought I was on my blog. See what happens when people ask me a work question when I am blogging! 🙂

    I think you definitely called it on the Super Sweet 16 girls showing up with this dress…its very cool!

    Swing by my blog when you get a chance…I have an award for you!

  • PJ Mullen

    How cool would it be if you could program the lights to move to music. It could also make for a very interesting way to get more attention when coming down the aisle.

  • Tom

    Back in the old days, they used to have to use candles. And they cost a nickel.

    Way cool! Would love to see that place in person. My mom would always tell me about the museum of science and industry there, having grown up in the Chicago area herself, and how much she was awed by the amazing things she saw there.

  • Jason @ The Devoted Dad

    "Uses the same amount of electricity as 2 household light bulbs". Have you ever stuck your finger into 2 light bulbs. I'm just saying, don't spill your wine on this dress 😉 Pretty amazing though!

  • Huckdoll

    Wild, awesome and beautiful!

    And a pretty cool video with that music to boot. I saw a picture of this dress yesterday but hadn't seen it in action yet.

  • Michelle

    That is fascinating. I love how the dress moves and pulled your eye with it. It's the first time that your eye travels down on a dress and just keeps going all the way to the floor 😉 I'm thinking it would not be very ummm flattering on me though. And very uncomfortable were I to want to sit down!

  • Mama B

    So AWESOME! I Would totally wear that, you know if I coauld rock a size 2 sample size 🙂 I can't wait to winter break when the trees go up and we head down to the mueseum!