Thanks Facebook, But I Can Handle This On My Own.

Most people I know (including me) are highly annoyed by the new feature on Facebook that gives you a prompt to “make Facebook better for”, “reconnect with”, or “send a message to” one of your Facebook friends who isn’t very active. My opinion?

1. It’s not MY job to make Facebook good for anyone except myself.
2. Not everybody joins Facebook with the intention that they will be on it constantly.
3. Some of my Facebook friends who I don’t have online contact with much? I see and/or speak with them–get this–IN REAL LIFE quite often.

Like this Facebook friend, here.

Thanks Facebook, but I don’t need to send my husband a message at the moment; he’s sitting right next to me.



  • ifmomsaysok

    You mean you don't want to poke him, or throw a sheep at him? FB should pay royalties to the couple who changed their status during their nuptials. Too much.

  • OhCaptain

    I get those very same reminders to talk to my wife! I usually just do it in person too 🙂 Kissing through FB just doesn't have much appeal when you can get the real thing.

  • Huckdoll

    Heh. Such a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it does. Glad I'm not alone on that.

  • Heather

    It really bugs me too, mainly because FB tells me to reconnect with people who are dead, that I am friends with on FB. And it almost feels like a slap in the face. It's totally annoying, and it is sad, too. Like a constant reminder!

  • Mags

    It drives me nuts too. Granted, most of the people that they suggest for me I don't actually talk with, but still…there's probably a reason for that like you said. One of my friends hates it because her cousin recently passed away and since he's not been on Facebook, they keep telling her to reconnect with him. Pretty sad, I'd say.

  • NYC Girl

    That is hysterical! Facebook is trying to help! LOL! I hate this feature too. I always think why doesn't so & so email me dammit!

  • Mr. Man

    Are you and Jim playing Mafia Wars while sitting next to each other? Lol! This is why I tweet more than I Facebook.

  • Michelle

    I think you're just crabby that you missed my e.l.f. fun last night 😉

    I see those suggestions up on the corner, but to be honest, I really only "see" the middle column 99% of the time and totally ignore all those suggestions. It's not that bad….

  • Tom

    All I can say is, me too. I get reminders to reconnect with my wife all the time, like somehow I let her slip away unnoticed.