These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

One of the tasks that our mom asked us to help her with while we’re in Tennessee was to go through some Rubbermaid tubs full of photographs and dig out the old black and white ones, so she can choose some to frame. It’s always fun to look through the really old pictures, because they tell so many great stories. We found photos of our Grandma at parties, some rare photos of our Dad’s parents, photos of mom and her brother, photos of extended family who live in California, and so many more.

Peeking into the lives our parents had way before we were ever born is always super cool, too. We found their prom picture. We found a bunch of pictures of mom when she was a hard-core ballerina (she was on point!). And then I found what instantly became one of my favorite pictures of Mom, of ALL TIME. Mom did some modeling, apparently for something at her temple. Well, I don’t need to go on about it; just look.

Are you ready boots? Start walking!


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