I Need An Introduction!

I have been getting a vicious urge to spring clean on my blog. I enjoy the little badges and widgets and such, but after a while I look at it like it’s too cluttered. I’ve been trying to figure out how to clean it up a bit (like moving a couple of the buttons to my blogroll page and making text-based lists instead), and I suddenly realized that I don’t have a Blog Bio–and haven’t, for a looooong time–anymore. If I were surfing the web and somehow found Suburban Scrawl, I’d have to dig into the posts immediately in order to get a sense of who Melisa with one S is, and if I were in a rush, I might not do that.

SO, I’ve decided that I need to put some kind of bio up. And that’s where you come in.

Of course I can write my own, and I will indeed work on it, but I think I’d like to get input from you, my regular readers. Help me out, would you? Please leave a comment that includes one or more of the following:

1. A blog bio (partial or complete) for Suburban Scrawl, written your way.
2. Suggestions of what I should include in my blog bio.
3. Anything else that might be helpful as I try to capture what the Scrawl is for someone who has never read it before.

If you leave it in a comment, I’m just saying right now that I may use all or part of your suggestion without giving you anything in return except for a HUGE virtual high five, a genuine “Thank you”, and possibly a wink in the next livestream of Suburban WoW.

Maybe between the bunch of us, we can come up with something pretty darn cool.



  • Kat

    Neat idea. Though I am really bad at that sort of thing or else I'd have my own bio. I'd have to say (and you can quote me on that) that you're the funnest bloglady on the web, with a love for dogs, crafts and a non-biological twin 🙂

  • Sue

    Suburban Scrawl is hosted by Melisa with One S,
    Why only one S? It's anyone's guess.
    Welcome to her world outside Chi-town,
    She lives with her hunky husband, not a clown.
    Her boys are both teens and very smart,
    One can use duct tape to make a horse cart.
    She writes from her heart, her voice it does sing,
    She loves Duran Duran, writing and tiara bling!
    Sit and get comfy and stay for a spell,
    Sweet Melisa always has a story to tell!

  • Heather

    Are you kidding me! Sheesh, it took me almost 6 months to compile my "about me". heh. I will think on this and get back to you, but so far, I think you should just use Sue!

  • Huckdoll

    Wow! What Sue said. I'd love to help but it took me around two years to come up with my own about me 🙂

  • NYC Girl

    I want to help you so much but I suck at these "about me" things which is why I don't have one on my blog.

    To me your blog represents "home" or that feeling you get when you've been away for a long time and are coming home. Maybe its the white picket fence on you header pic but it goes beyond that. You're an inspirational person…your mom, wife, author, friend, sister and you do it all with class.

  • Michelle

    Umm, tiara wearing, every blog's best friend, anddd there went my creativity. Sorry. I am bad at this kind of thing. But I love what Sue did 🙂

  • NukeDad

    Melisa grew up so poor that her parents could only afford one s for her name. Now that she's more wealthy, she is changing her name and the name of her blog to:

    "Misses Melissa's Sassy Suburbans Scrawls"

    Now, there's some s's for ya.