Sharpies are used for many things in this house. If you’re a regular reader (thankyouverymuch!), you’ll recall that not only are they used to make ridiculous marks on food containers for the purpose of claiming them–much like a dog marks his territory by urinating on it–but they are also used to mark clothing tags with a dot so Jim and I know whose clothing is whose*.

Recently a Sharpie was put to yet another use.

The older boy’s clothing has a natural path:



Worn by older boy


Handed down to younger boy**


Never*** given up by younger boy

The younger boy’s dresser drawers hang precariously open approximately 137% of the time because he has so many items of clothing. He doesn’t clean out his dresser unless I remind him approximately 2,394 times, and when he finally does “get around to it”, his “get rid of” pile is the size of a toaster, or maybe a toolbox.

Some of the shirts he wears to bed look like those of David Banner, once the Hulk takes over:

We’ve tried telling him that he has enough shirts that fit him properly and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to toss some of the itty bitty ones, but…no dice.

Jim took matters into his own hands last week when he and I were folding laundry, grabbed a Sharpie, and threw the gauntlet down.

Surprisingly, it was well-received. (By the way, enjoy the gun show. His pose was intentional for you blog readers.):

Need a close-up?

Unfortunately, his strategy backfired and the younger boy likes the shirt even better now. At least we’re saving on our clothing budget…I guess?

*That’s right, laugh it up. YOU try having two teen boys who wear *nearly* the same size in everything.
**I DO buy new clothing for the younger boy also. I’m just saying that the older boy’s clothing automatically moves down the chain.


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  • Charlie on the PA Turnpike

    Oh, I get it now… I thought the title of this post had some Seinfeld connotation.

    Carry on.

  • Eternal Lizdom

    That is hilarious!! I think it's a challenge thrown down by your boy- time to get more creative with what is written on the shirt…

  • WeaselMomma

    I'm glad the boys mark food items with a sharpie and not urine.

    Maybe you could try dying all of his shirts pink.

  • surprised mom

    I have one with the clothes hanging out of the drawers, too. But she hasn't tried the Sharpie technique with me. I'd probably have to leave the room laughing. That was a very creative move on your son's part.

  • Tara R.

    With only one boy and one girl, we didn't have many problems with them wearing each other clothes… at least I hope not.

    On the other hand, I've been wearing the teen boy's jeans when he out grows them. What? They're still in good shape and they fit great!

  • Lindz

    Ha! Hilarious. Isn't that the way it always seems to work with teenagers!? I don't even own one yet but from my classroom experience they tend to have the opposite reaction of what you were hoping for – especially when it comes to something that you wouldn't expect to be cool.

  • ciara

    i find some teen boys like to wear their shirts one size smaller than what they wear…trying to figure out why considering most of them still in 'developmental' stage lol i wish you could see a cpl of shirts my son made w t-shirts…oh yeah, if it doesn't fit 'just so' he doesn't buy it (usually shops @ thrift stores)

  • nycgirl0501

    My sister (also the youngest) has kept clothes handed down from me. She can't give up anything.

    She is also a bear-napper…she stole the teddy bear my dad gave my mom when I was born. But that's really another type of post!

  • Michelle

    I LOVE that shirt. I'm with the younger boy, sorry 🙂 And ummm can maybe Jim come help me clean out my closet, too? I can't get rid of anything.

    I love the sexy look older boy is tossing off in the background of the picture!

  • This Belle Rocks

    At least he's not like my oldest, who will sometimes not even wear something that HE wanted for an entire season. Drives me up the wall!

  • Heather

    I am not looking forward to the clothing battles that I am sure I will have with my future kids. Heh. I never had clothes handed down to me as I was the oldest, but I always handed my clothes to my BFF (cause I didn't have a sister until I was 11!)