Lunch Date.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting with my aunt for the afternoon. (She’s a regular reader of the Scrawl: *waving hi!!*) Though she only lives about thirty minutes north of my house, we don’t see each other very often due to my busy family life. Boo.

It’s always nice to see her when we do get together, though. I arrived at her house wearing my favorite jacket, one that she made for me more than twenty years ago. An expert quilter, she took scraps of fabric, sewed them into log cabin blocks, pieced them together, and produced this spectacular “coat of many colors”. I adore it, and always get compliments on it wherever I go.

She was surprised that it’s still in a wearable condition after all these years, and looked it over closely, remarking that she used *this* fabric for a quilt backing and *this* fabric for another project and *this* fabric for something else; it was quite hilarious that she could remember specifics, especially because she has worked with more fabric over the years than you could ever imagine.

We caught up over lunch, and had such a nice visit. Our time together reminded me of when I was little; I used to do things with her all the time; my four cousins are all boys, so she always liked spending time with me because we could do girl things like visit a doll museum that was close to her house. That was one of my favorite things to do back then. Before I headed for home yesterday, I promised to try and make the drive to see her again much sooner the next time!

I have a new post up over at Chicago Moms Blog about an afternoon I spent with my own niece, a couple of years ago. If you have a few minutes, click here to read it!

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