Crossing That Bridge Because We Came To It

The older boy and I met my sister Julesie at the riverwalk today, so she could take his senior pictures. It wasn’t the first attempt; it was the third. Last time, we were in Tennessee for Thanksgiving and although she took a couple of rolls, he was really crabby that day and she said it showed through in the pictures. The first time we tried, it was way too windy and cold. I posted one picture from that session; if you don’t remember it, you must click here, especially if you need a laugh.

We had high hopes for today, and it went very well. I’ll post a couple when she gets done with her photo editing.

What was really fun, other than watching the two of them work together (which is always entertaining), was our little trip down memory lane. Things from the past kept on coming up, like what she used to ask him to say (when he was younger) in order to get the smile for the picture, like “fuzzy pickle!” or “your dad wears pantyhose!*”

Once I shouted “No fillers!” because when he was about four, Oscar Mayer ran a commercial in which “no fillers” was written with mustard on a hot dog. After seeing that ad a few times, the older boy asked me to write “no fillers” on his hot dog, and I told him that I would if I could take a picture. His grin was priceless. I’ll have to find it and post it; it was hilarious.

When some birds flew by behind him as Julesie was setting up a shot, I suggested that he do his Kolokolo Bird line from the 4th grade play, so that they would fly back into the shot because that would be nice for the background.

And then there were the memories of past photo sessions at the riverwalk in general that flooded back to me today. It’s our go-to place for pictures because it’s so beautiful, and it’s really cool to see pictures of the boys at different ages in the same areas, like the covered bridges.

We’ve got pictures of them walking away from us on the bridges, and pictures of them walking towards us on the bridges, like this one:


Photo ©House of Jules 2005

My favorite bridge pictures aren’t the ones in which the boys are on the bridges at all; rather, there’s a spot at the end of one of the bridges where the boys pose for pictures at each and every session.

The older boy posed there today. I can’t wait to see those shots.

He and his brother posed there for me when I was taking pictures of them FOR Julesie in 2007:

One of my most treasured pictures of the two of them together was taken there eleven years ago.


Photo ©House of Jules 1999

Time flies when you’re having sons**, don’t you think?

*He doesn’t, by the way.
**And daughters of course, but that didn’t sound good when I tried to throw it in there.


©2010 Suburban Scrawl


  • Heather

    That last photo is absolutely precious. Did you get teary today? It looked like you had gorgeous weather today, I can't wait to see how they turned out!


  • Clark Kent's Lunchbox

    Time sure does… made me pull out some of my favs. I'll go to bed with a smile on my face. Thanks for a nice post.

  • Mom24

    Those pictures are adorable. I hope the ones from yesterday turned out as well.

    Time truly does fly, they tell you that but you just can't quite believe it until you live it.

  • Stacey @Real World Mom

    I can see why that last photo is one of your favorites! What a wonderful trip down memory lane! 🙂

  • Dawn

    Time does fly! Great post and I love the last picture. Such sweet boys.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of his senior pictures. 🙂

  • Ramblin' Red

    awww….love the one from 99. :sniff:

    We do pictures in front of our willow tree each year for first day of school photos. Love having a shot of the same place year after year.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I love it time flies for them and for us. Have you gone thru any pictures of any other family members. Then again I don't want to know.

    Grandma W