Hey, Beautiful!

Most of my freelance work consists of writing feature articles for two salon and spa industry magazines. In researching these articles, I have e-mailed and spoken with countless salon and spa professionals. Everyone with whom I’ve interacted over the past few years has been really nice, but I may have just found my favorite.

Yesterday, I was stressed (what else is new?) because one of my editors contacted me to tell me that one of the sources I used in my most recent article wasn’t going to work, and asked if I would contact someone else for my story. She was nice enough to include a list of possible (and acceptable) sources in her e-mail. Of course, along with everything else in my life, it needed to be done over the next few days.

Naturally I had no problem with her request, but it gave me a little anxiety because it was 4:30 and I was on my way out the door to teach my spin class, yet I wanted to get started. I looked at the list and most of the spas were east coasters, which meant I might have trouble finding a manager or owner to speak to, since the east coast is an hour later. As luck would have it, the very last spa on the list was one on the west coast. Perfect!

I picked up the phone and dialed (not really; this IS the 21st Century), and was completely awestruck at the way the receptionist answered the phone:

Hey Beautiful! Thanks for calling *insert spa name here*! How can I help you?”


What a lovely way to answer the phone! Just for a moment, my stress dissipated and I smiled. How could I not? The fact that they say that to everybody, most likely (the name of their salon means “beautiful” in another language), is a stroke of Customer Service Genius. It certainly made ME want to call again; that’s for sure! I spoke with the manager, got the information I needed, and left for my class, happy that I was able to get the ball rolling on my article repair.

And I’m considering putting that phone number on speed dial, you know, for when I need a pick-me-up.

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