Teenaged Boys Often Smell Good! (Really!)

So, my oatmeal raisin shower gel is just about gone, and as you might remember, I’m not the one who’s been using it…but I don’t mind. In fact, I’m off after work, to go and pick up a new bottle for the culprit, just as a fun, “I’m thinking about you” gift.

Here’s the problem. I’m having trouble making a decision, and thought I’d go to my readers for help. You’ve got until about 5:00 Central Time today to throw your two cents in, before I make a decision. So tell me, which one floats your boat?

Keep in mind who it’s for, and ask yourself, “If this kid walked up to me and said, ‘Hey! Smell my hand/hair/whatever,’ would I enjoy smelling this *fill in the blank according to which one you’re leaning towards* scent?”

I like two of them for him better than the others, but I’m curious to read what you think. Ready? Go!

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