We Even Went to Church in Germany…Sort Of.

Europe is full of castles. (I think there are almost as many castles as Starbucks locations, but I can’t prove that) Another thing Europe is full of is beautiful churches. I visited one of the most gorgeous churches in the world in Dresden back in 2006, but Munich has its own treasure: the Frauenkirche. A Catholic Church whose full name is “Dom zu unserer lieben Frau” (Cathedral of our Dear Lady), the Frauenkirche has landmark status. It’s got two breathtakingly pretty towers.

Yes, I said TWO.

One of them is covered for renovation, though, so it’s not as pretty. See?

The doors are carved.

Here’s the inside. Nice, eh?

I love these prayer candles. I know what they’re for and how they’re used, and I’m sure there’s a “real” name for them, but I’m Jewish, so if someone could help me out by telling me if they have an official name so I don’t have to Google, that’d be great. Anyway, I love their glow.

The Frauenkirche also has the “Devil’s Footprint” right there in the floor. Click here to read that story.

The south tower is open for tourists (or locals) to go up and check out the town from up high, but they closed ten minutes before we arrived on the first day, and on the second visit the elevator part of the climb wasn’t working and we were short on time so we had to skip it.

I guess we’ll have to go back…*sigh.* Too bad…Not!



  • kat

    Yes, yes..you need to come back to check the view from the Frauenkirche. The church and I insist 😉
    I miss you xoxo

  • Heather

    Those are called novena candles, and are used to do prayers over a course of 9-15 days, depending on what kind of actual candle it is. Sometimes they are really kitchy with big pictures on them, other times they are small and simple like the ones you're showing in your photo.

    They are so peaceful, the glow, and one of my favorite parts about the Church. I love to sit in a quiet Cathedral and light them, kneeling and hoping and praying and talking to God.

    That is an absolutely GORGEOUS church. I would love to go there someday!

  • Patty@NYC Girl at Heart

    Gorgeous church! I have a feeling I've seen it in a movie but I could be totally wrong!

    Prayer candles sound right. I love the design on them. Too bad St. Patrick's candles aren't as fancy!