#thankablogger Times Two

I value good friends more than you can ever imagine, and I consider myself blessed to have many of them. One of the best qualities of a good friend is the ability to be there for you.

Yesterday, after doing some follow-ups on some e-mails I sent to literary agents, I received an e-mail from one who was willing to look at my book proposal (Holla!). I had to update and re-tweak my proposal before sending it, and I definitely needed a proofreader who has an eye for detail. I reached out to my picky (in a good way!) friend Michelle, who edited the proposal the last time I sent it out, in November of last year.

Michelle, who is busy all the time, agreed to look at it after I made changes, and get back to me by morning so I didn’t have to make the agent wait. I e-mailed Michelle before going to bed.

When I came downstairs this morning, I checked my e-mail and there was the reply from Michelle, as promised. It had NO LESS THAN fifteen suggested edits. You might think that’s a bad thing, but believe me, it wasn’t. Michelle and I are bothered by the same things, grammatically and otherwise, and I used every one of her suggestions except for one (only because I had already done what she suggested in another paragraph). Having her read my work with fresh eyes was invaluable to me, and I can say without a doubt that she helped me turn what was already a pretty darn good proposal into an outstanding one.

Shortly after sending the proposal to the agent, I was complaining about having to work for nine and a half hours. I’m not trying to be a princess; I know that most people in the world work days like that (ahem, my husband, for example) all the time, but working on a Friday in the salon for that long? Well, it’s tough, and that’s all I’ll say about THAT.

Anyway, I was in the middle of complaining when I got a text from my excellent friend Liz, telling me that she was going to text me goofy things all day to keep a smile on my face. Liz’s ability to make me smile is nothing new, as you might remember from our visit to the wax museum or that time we skyped; she’s one of my favorite people. I called her on my way to work so we could share some snorty laughter (as we always do), and got my day started off right.

I figured she’d send one text and then go on with her very busy day (She’s got four kids, you know! That’s a lot of laundry!), but as it turned out, Liz kept me laughing all day, with jokes, a hilarious picture of herself in front of her laundry mountain*, and all kinds of other silliness.

I called her on my way home, right after she sent me a text at 6:00 sharp: “QUITTIN’ TIME!!!” Bookending my workday with phone calls to Liz is something I’m considering adding to my routine: hope you don’t mind two calls, three days per week, Liz! (ha ha)

I remember seeing the hashtag #thankablogger on twitter earlier this week, and although I could quickly come up with a very long list of bloggers to thank, I thought I’d dedicate a post to two of my favorites on this now-lovely Friday.

Michelle, you totally rock. Though we joke about how “scary” it is that we are so much alike in many ways, I love having a friend who understands exactly what I’m talking about, especially on occasions when others seem to not be able to understand me at all. Thanks for being such a great friend!!

Liz, thanks for being YOU, my friend. You’re a beautiful, smart, funny chick who I can always count on, and I am so very lucky that you’re a part of my life. Much love!!!

Did you #thankablogger this week? Who?

If you didn’t, what are you waiting for? Thank ’em in the comments!

*When I arrived back at home after work, the older boy (who is home from college for the first time in four weeks) and his brother were sitting on the couch together, laughing at Youtube videos. I said, “Look what my funny friend sent me today, to cheer me up!” They both looked at the picture and nodded, without cracking much of a smile. “Mom humor?” I asked. “Uh, yeah,” said one of them. They obviously don’t have as refined a sense of humor as I do.


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  • Michelle

    Awww, thank you, chica! I'm happy to help. And CRAP you just reminded me that I have laundry in the machine waiting for me. Grrrr.

    And Mister Man has no clean white socks. And I did darks. *sigh*

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    Great, I'm wiping snot on my sleeve before bed and now I have to change my sweatshirt. Why? Beeeeecause, we're outta tissues…DER!!!


  • Heather

    🙂 It's nice to have good friends you can count on to make your day better, right? It sounds like you are pretty lucky!

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    Yay for Michelle and Liz! Two fantastic people to have in your corner!!!

    (And the boys were laughing on the couch together? Hmm, they must have REALLY missed each other!)

  • NYCPatty

    Love those two ladies! I am so glad I met them this past summer at Blogher!

    You are pretty fantastic yourself! I can't THANK YOU enough for all your great advice! xo

    Um hello! 🙂 I thanked you & Michelle last week for being my 5K inspirations!

  • Momo Fali

    Yay for bloggy friends! Isn't it great to have people like that in your corner? That's why I love to see your number on my caller id…unless I'm in the shower, or picking up the kids, or at the store, or raking leaves, or in the basement, or all of the places I usually am when you call. But, when I actually hear it ring and it's you? I smile.