Just Because You’re You.

Did you know that I make notecards, announcements, and invitations? I’ve done it for years, ever since my life became way too busy for scrapbooking. I love crafting cards out of paper* and cool embellishments: it’s relaxing for me.

(Well, except when I decide to make way more than I need “since I’ll be doing it anyway”…that’s just ridiculous. When will I learn???)

I’ve done baby announcements, save the date cards, engagement and graduation party invites, and of course, birthday invitations. I love stretching myself creatively to come up with something that surprises people.

A few weeks ago, I made some holiday notecards (blank inside) to sell at the salon. I made, of course, waaaaaay too many. Today I said to myself, “Self, what are you going to do with these extra cards??”

I answered, “Well, Self, first of all, you look fabulous. Secondly, I think you should do a just-for-fun giveaway on Suburban Scrawl!”

Then I stopped talking to myself long enough to pat myself on the back for such a great idea, and took pictures of the cards to show you. I made three different varieties, and they’re great for giving with a gift you deliver personally, like to the neighbors or a teacher. You can also mail them: I’m sending envelopes too! Here they are:

So here’s the deal. I am going to give away six 4-packs of these cards, two of each kind. There will be six winners (well, you’re all already winners, but you know what I mean.), unless I get less than six comments. In that case, by the way, I will lock myself in my bedroom and force myself to watch old Westerns until New Year’s.

All you need to do, if you’re interested, is leave me a comment. THAT’S IT. I’m not asking you to tweet this, Facebook it, call your mom about it, blog about it, or hire a skywriter for it**. By leaving a comment, you are telling me that you are interested in receiving a pack of four notecards if your name is drawn, and that you’re willing to give me your mailing address because I certainly cannot deliver them if you don’t live in my area. If I don’t already have your email address, please make sure you leave it in the comment. And guess what? I WILL send to Canada, Germany, or any other country!

You’ve got until this Saturday, December 4 at 11:59 p.m. to enter. (Quick, I know, but I want to get these to you so you can use them!) I’ll do the drawing for the six winners in a vlog on Sunday or Monday.

Comment away, and good luck!

*Notecards and such aren’t the only paper craft I create. Click here and scroll down to see some more of my work.
**If you’re not following me yet on Google Connect though, would you? It won’t count for an extra entry or anything but I’d love if you’d publicly commit to me forever and ever. Just sayin.

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