It’s The One Day On Which You MUST Show Yourself. It’s The Law.

I’ll have the final installment of the Hotel Diaries up for you later today (I’m a little behind since I–unfortunately–went to see the midnight premiere of “The Green Hornet”), but for now, I wanted to wish you a Happy Delurking Day 2011!

You know what Delurking Day is, right? If you read my blog but never show yourself via comment (okay, and even if you do!), today is your day to shine! Leave a comment to say hello! Or leave a comment to tell me who should win the Golden Globe for best actress in a television show! Or leave a comment to tell me how your New Year’s resolutions are going! Or…you get the idea.

Regardless of whether you’re a regular commenter or a lurker, I appreciate you very much. Thanks for reading! (And…come back later today for that second post.)



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