Book Update: Where I’m At!

It’s been more than one month since I announced that my book will finally be published this year, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on where I’m at in the process.

First, the cover. I don’t think I have mentioned it here on the blog, but my cover artist is someone I am extremely close to: he’s my son!! D, who is a graphic design major, created the front cover of the book. This is special to me for many reasons, as you can imagine. Besides the obvious, I love that my son designed this cover and my sister designed the cover of my first book: we’re keeping it in the family! He did a great job with it, and I’ll show it to you soon!

Earlier this week I sent the front cover, the author picture (not this one, though), and the back cover copy to my publisher so the typesetter can put it all together.

As far as my manuscript goes, it’s being edited in New York as I type this. It will be very interesting to see how much it’s marked up when it gets returned to me for corrections in a couple of weeks, because I edited that thing SO MANY TIMES; honestly, I can’t imagine that many changes will be necessary. I could be surprised, though, so I’m prepared for that possibility!

Here on the homefront, I’ve got a short list of items that need to be added to the manuscript after it’s edited, just some minor pieces of information I discovered after I sent the manuscript off. This coming week I will be fact-checking, again, because the editor is not checking to make sure all of the addresses, phone numbers and other attraction details are correct: that’s my job.

Here are more tasks I need to tackle, starting this week:
1. Writing the copy for the book’s website
2. Making lists–and more lists–about things having to do with marketing the book
3. Thinking about launch parties (whee!)
4. Gathering information about where I’d like to send press releases
5. Conceptualizing a Youtube commercial for the book: J is going to help me with this part of the project!
6. So. Much. More.

Did I mention that my publisher is shooting for a May 1 release, rather than June as we originally discussed? (The earlier date is better for sales because of the tourist season, you know!) This? Is GREAT news.

Still, as “they” say, “So much to do, so little time.” (Actually, *I* say that all the time, too.)

So…That’s where I’m at, today!


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  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great job of getting all under control. I can't wait to see the cover. May is not that far away. Don't forget I can always pick up the first set of books for you. I do want to get one of the first copies are you taking a pre sale list? Put me as number one.

    Grandma W

  • Michelle

    YOU. Are awesomesauce.

    And I'd like to point out that you still haven't shared the cover with me. Ahem.

    Go, Melisa!

  • Tara R.

    Just so excited for you! I can't wait to see the cover that D designed for you. This book cover will be a great resume item for him.

  • @NYCPatty

    I am so very happy for you! Can't wait to see the book 🙂

    Does that mean you'll have a book in the Blogher book store in August?

  • Otter Thomas

    And I thought writing a book would be the hard part. You are really busy. Good luck. And I'm excited to see the cover.