I Think We’ve Discovered The Solution To Our Economy

Over the weekend, the four of us (D was home for spring break) sat at the dining room table, eating dinner. We were having a conversation about J’s college plans, and he brought up possibly going to a local college.

I said, “Sure, that’d be fine. I’m fine with your living at home for a little longer.” And then, grinning, I emphasized, “A LITTLE longer. Just not forever!”

D said, “Well, one of us needs to stay with you guys forever…” (He was laughing.)

Jim stated, “Sure, you can both stay with us forever, as long as you pay rent!”

Nearly 19-year-old D replied, “Okay! Hugs and kisses everyday*!

What ARE they teaching these kids at college, anyway?
(Note to self: Find out if D needs an Economics class to graduate.)

*Though laughable, his statement was truly adorable.


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