This Is Why We Don’t Play Practical Jokes. They Backfire.

Picture me sitting in our family room, watching television with Jim. J is up in his room doing homework. After a while he comes downstairs and walks through the family room towards the downstairs bathroom with his pajamas. “Wait a second,” I think to myself, “he never showers down here at night.”

J puts his pajamas in the bathroom and then suddenly turns around and storms back into the family room, grinning excitedly. Then he exclaims,

“So, yeah, I’m using kids’ hair products, but I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO!!!!! It makes my hair soft, it’s tangle-free, and…my…hair…smells…like…STRAWBERRIES! Yeah!”

He was dead serious.

“And another thing: don’t worry about it when I finish this bottle, because I’m going to buy some more. I LOVE THIS STUFF!”

He made me touch and smell his hair after he showered. It was quite hysterical.

We may be terrible pranksters, but we sure know how to make our kid happy! (I guess.)


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