I Think My Older Book Might Be Jealous Of My Younger Book.

Most of you know I have been swamped with a truckload of tasks having to do with the impending publication of my new book*, which explains my recent posting slowdown (as well as my rapid heart rate, shaky hands, and increased scatterbrained-ness. And yes, I just made up that word).

Most of you even know that this is not the first book I’ve published: it’s my second.

My first book was published in the fall of 2007. While I promoted that book pretty heavily, because of its theme (pet loss) and tiny niche, it wasn’t easy to market. After a while, I had to let it simmer out there and just keep my fingers crossed that it would get noticed, and that word of mouth would take over.

Every now and then I speak to someone who bought it for family members or friends who had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and they tell me how helpful it was. That makes me feel good and is one of the main reasons I published the book in the first place, to help ease the sorrow of a loss like that.

Other than checking my book sales monthly (on my publisher’s website), I don’t pay too much attention to where that book is on the charts. I had to take a look today, though, because the number of copies that sold last month was higher than it’s been in a while. How thrilled do you think I was when I discovered that my book is currently number one in its category?


I remarked in an email earlier today, “It’s so weird to say ‘Yay, my book is number one in the Pet Death category!’…but, YAY, my book is number one in the Pet Death category!”

I also discovered, two weeks ago, that someone new put up a five-star review of the book on Amazon.

I have to believe that these events are a result of sibling jealousy. My older book just wants to be noticed.


*Ahem, you can pre-order NOW. Did you know that? Click here.
**Whatever it is, I’ll take it.


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