Cruzing Chicagoland: The Hancock Observatory

When General Motors signed on as my major sponsor for my Chicago book launch event, I thought it would be really fun to take a 2011 Chevy Cruze out on the road to get up close and personal with some of the great attractions that are exclusive to the Chicago area. One of those places is high up in the sky, at the top of the world famous John Hancock Building on North Michigan Avenue.

I took my mom with me for a special tour of the Hancock Observatory from Carey Randall (Sales and Marketing Director) and Stephanie Grady (Sales and Education Coordinator), and they totally rolled out the red carpet. As a Chicago native, it is always really fun for me to learn new things to share with others, and let’s just say that Carey and Stephanie made this visit tremendously fun. The Hancock Observatory offers that fantastic view, of course, but there’s so much more.

I know this video is on the longer side, but there is so much to share about the Observatory that I couldn’t cut it down any more!

By the way, one thing we didn’t get on video is the fact that if you park in the garage at the John Hancock building and purchase an Observatory ticket on the premises that day, you can get your parking slip validated so you’ll only have to pay TEN DOLLARS FOR UP TO THREE HOURS of parking. Cheap parking in a prime location of Chicago? That’s no joke, folks.


  • Heather

    I had NO idea there was a cafe up there. I don’t remember that from when I was little. I am terrified of heights so I try not to frequent that place very often 😉 But it certainly was a stunning view when we had dinner there for our honeymoon!