Blogger Love For Brandie

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life can throw a curveball. Most of them are things that can be dealt with quickly and easily. Some can completely blindside us, leaving us in shock for a while. When those happen, being supported by our loved ones, even though they may not be able to fix the problem, can help our spirit heal.

The Chicago-based bloggers are a tight bunch, and we are rallying for one of our own today. Brandie from A Journey of 1000 Stitches Begins With Just One, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 (she turned 32 yesterday). The speed with which something wrong was discovered, testing was performed, a diagnosis was given, and surgery (tomorrow) was scheduled was absolutely mind-blowing: it’s all happened within about a month. Brandie’s a strong lady, though, and she’s going to beat this. Truth.

Would you please go visit Brandie’s blog? Cancer sucks, and sending some friends to check in and give her some extra comment love is about all I can do, other than keep Brandie in my thoughts. Please do the same. Thanks!